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Friday, 26th May 2017. All times are CET (Central European Time)

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2017-04-12 11:58, IP: 2003:df:3d6:1f81:c9e0:cbfc:f094:38f2, from Unknown 22 positive reactions 1 negative
HD is all health testing??? lol

2017-04-11 07:53, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 17 negative
It is not possible to enter here without identity and destroy image of breeders and bloodlines !
It is not possible to accept proxy and dirty things !
That happen by years !
Is time to be closed OR transform this site in a correct site with care for dobermanns .
This is my last message here .

2017-04-11 07:49, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 18 negative
There is nothing correct , there is nothing principial ! All is only a dirty shit !
This dirty place of show market need to be closed !

2017-04-11 07:29, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 17 negative
Regarding my dogs, you are a idiot amigo .
All my tested dogs had HD Free , some of them already are old and resist to shit all around ill genetic .
Then don;t tell me story regardings your shit testes, I no need your Saint Grall coagulation blood test or eye test to find that no one my dog never was blind . That is ZERO ! Doberman breed is affected by grave ilnesses and my dogs resist on them . Cancer, DCM, Wobbler, Torsions, Kidneys, Imunitar system are the real killers of breed. Then don't tell me shit regarding comerical tests , I'm not your idiot !
9 years ago I decided to avoid total the ill genetic and try to save Romanian line. Then I made some calculations and I choiced the best pure Italian genetic .
But You fuked my Citto Citone before him to touch Romanian land ! Now he have 9 years and seem to be healtly. Citto bones sand skeleton structure seem to be good and he not died by DCM . You fu-ked a perfect standard dobermann and aplaud 75cm monsters which died at 1.5 years by Cancer !
Urbano the same was a good dog with a Furstenfeld dominant genetic !
You fu-ked all my dogs in this mode , and 11 years HD Free Mohican , alive when your surrogate died at 3 years by DCM, and almost 10 years Fantom in Black , and HD free in Germany Jago WA.
You fu-ked Romanian dobermanns till nothing remained even they was unique victim , unique real beautiful and real longevive bloodline, real historic .
Now finaly your dream happened and Romania remained without female capable to continue the historic Mitocondrial lie! Romania risk to be unique country without history ! But this is not sufficient for JAVRE as you ! Now you start attack to last Romanian lions . Is possible to have a BIG surprise , now people know the truth !

Esti un individ fara identitate , fara mindrie , un tip mizerabil si ascuns care impreuna cu altii ati transformat rasa asta in monopolul vostru , al liniilor voastre bolnave , calcand pe cadavre .
Va consider responsabili pentru tot raul produs !

2017-04-10 19:05, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 15 negative
you forgot to say how 30 years was public executed hundredths and thousanths of Eastern dobermanns in rings of death , now nothing remained ! 13 years was needed for you to kiull my dobermanns, to castrate them to abandonate them , to defeat them ! 13 years your entire shit system was not capable to defeat one person ! LOL

HOW protect FCI dobermann race genepol when entire population is losted and 90% from actual dobermanns died euthanasied or by ilnsses ? This is a CRUELTY AGAINST ANIMALS !
How was genepol protected when race diversity in 13-15 generations is only 1-2% ? That mean from 1000 ancestors only 20 are different ! Is calculated !
Where are all longevive dobermanns ? Why they was eliminated if they was CORRECT and IN STANDARD ?

I have a proposal for this chatboard (fantastic ideea of administrator of principal market) fully by hidded faces: to permit multiple negative vote . Maybe in this mode they think that can cover the truth

I write here and I signed .

2017-04-10 18:43, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 12 negative
Is ok for you to write as a ciu-ua-ua under proxy and spread misery ?
In this mode was destroyed entire Romanian and Eastern dobermanns 15 years longevive ! 30 years of destruction and 13 years I endured yours misery and my dobermanns arrived old when majority other died at 3 years ! 13 years till nothing remained !
This world is a hell fully by without honor, without knowledges , without proud, without history, without noting !
Esti un nenorocit fara nimic sfant , asa o sa crapi .

2017-04-10 07:21, IP: 2001:464a:6937:0:88ca:e917:1ccb:7525, from Unknown 18 positive reactions 0 negative
"I do not believe in your health testes ! You dogs are ill by 20 years !"
"beautiful Champion in 4 countries Phantom in Black to be downgraded as Becht did with him without any reason"
"My dogs was rejected all that years by your system and international circuit"

This is the baseline of the Troll you are feeding, people...A person who never health test, who never see beyond this limit of his that is 20 years, hoping that all young people will look to tim as Saviour Of Dobermann. And the ONE time he attend a show for one of the judges he hates - he still moan about it years after like it was a warcrime - his dogs were all rejected by the system? Then breed better dogs! Wake up and smell the coffee !

2017-04-09 13:18, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 9 negative
This chartboard is WRONG how long accept here anonymous cowards .
This coward for sure is ROMANIAN !

Exemple d'adresse IP à haut risque - | MaxMind
Cette adresse IP correspond à un proxy anonyme. Ceci peut indiquer que l'activité provenant de est malveillante ou ...

2017-04-09 13:12, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 10 negative
"fortunately, are some people who made sacrifice to work, tested and mated the dog not as you! ;)"

Best joke ever !
For what to participate and feed with my moneys this industry named breeding ?
I do not believe in your health testes ! You dogs are ill by 20 years ! Our past dogs was 17 years longevive without this COMEDY and THEATRE of care and love !
Which what help my beautiful males their titles ? Which that help Jago that he had 4-th in class in European show how long he is virgin!
Is a shame , that because international but TREND LINES monsters was reproducted and 76 cm monsters was borned and died by cancer at 1-2 years or by DCM at 3 years !

Shame of you all ! This is my wish by Easter hollydays !
And this is my last message here , this chatboard is wrong how long accept anonimouse dirty persons .

Weinberge Avatar kennel

2017-04-09 12:59, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 8 negative
and now you said withiut honor , that I do not participate to your shows to your working !
ha ha ...for what ? beautiful Champion in 4 countries Phantom in Black to be downgraded as Becht did with him without any reason ? To be public executed as Papp Vasile did with my dogs after score of years when all Eastern dobermanns was executed CONTRAR FCI RULES WHICH PROTECT RACE DIVERSITY AND HEALTH , till NOTHING REMAINED !
Then we matted with enemy our last females , we buried our dobermanns and cried as animals when we losted our dogs , we was sad in silence when our dobermanns was castrated , abandonated .
We fight till the last our puppy , puppies which start to be killed before to be borned killed by a wrong genetic.

This race paid with infinit sorrow and pain all these errors and will continue to pay!
I want responible persons to be JUDGED LEGAL for cruelty against animals !

Shame for your dirty chatboard fully by cowards !

2017-04-09 12:49, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 7 negative
13 years you destroy my image as breeder and demonize my dobes ,in reality a longevive and right bloodline , transformed in innocent victims killed till the last , substituted with false history of winners which transformed the race in a ruin ! All of that only because I do not accept to keep my mouth and see how dobermanns died and I denied to make part from your system !
Is a shame what happened in this race leaded by hided faces of destruction !
Anyway, this dirty game will end soon . I am sure !
Happy Easter !

2017-04-09 11:00, IP:, from Romania 1 positive reactions 5 negative
That frankenhorst presentation is funny ! Because they have no brains in their heads to be capable to be presented without balls and sausages !

2017-04-09 10:48, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 4 negative possible to be a problem in your plan to eliminate me and Romanian dobermanns.
People more and more like last Romanian LIONS ! Because now they understood WHO they are !
And If the past AVATAR was borned , and if I will keep near me, I will show you HOW RUN A REAL RING !
And I will buy a LONG LEASH , to learn you WHO IS THE KING !

I will stop to write here in the chatboard of cowards without identity !

2017-04-09 10:40, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 4 negative
My dogs was rejected all that years by your system and international circuit .
I don't want to discuss what tragedy endured my dogs and what happened with them, how they was castrated, neutered, abandonated . I don't want to talk more about this and what happened with my dobermanns .
Because that , always arrived to simply owners . I tried to help them , I assumed their litters , I lost lost my time and I get some of them direct from back yard and I introduced them direct in rings of death , to help them , to don't leave them to die as happened with ALL REST ROMANIAN DOBERMNNS !
But now , I losted and last little female , then most probable Romania will say ADIO to historical lines , because after 30 years when this line endured only destruction and Big Breeders lines ilnesses , I have doubts that Romanians will rise and defend now their history .
I have no more care about that . Is not my problem .
In general is not my problem , I finish to breed this race .
I will NEVER accept this hell named breeding .I don't pay 2 cents on him !

Stop buzzing me as a coward without testicles .

2017-04-09 10:21, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 3 negative
Same shit Romanian which use Letvia proxy

-Yes, I matted my female with same male , now at 9 years, because I like his non-molosoidal products
-Citto was my gift from Mr Pezzano , he do not want moneys on him
-Citto was keept by a friend of mine from begining , maybe have not a life as can have near me , but he have a normal life .
-I no need your shit system judgement nor in working nor in show , I saw how was executed my beautiful dogs in these shows . They have NOT any qualification to judge my dobermanns . I am the breeder and I no need nobody opinion .
-I am not so idiot to offer my moneys and to pay this industrial system . I do not give 2 cents on your exams , on your titles . Nor in your health exams of ill lines. Romanian dobermanns lived 17 years and had bveautiful character. They was erased for actual ill COMEDY !
-my dogs are loved in my home , ar member family , they live in my home , they speep in my bed .
-my Backyard have 500 meters not 100.

Is is sad what happen with last Romanian line , I'm UNIQUE which did something for this line and did more for them as entire country do not did .

You continue to be a coward hided under proxy and your woman cloth .

2017-04-07 18:14, IP:, from Latvia 5 positive reactions 1 negative
I think thst we changed our opinions you about me and I about you , as a coward of system
I hope have minimal human dignity (or probable you are have reptilian soul) and don't talk more , or sign what you write .
I know that to swear somebody is not legal , but you are not a person ! You have not a name, nor personality!
Then you are nobody and nothing

Weinberge Avatar - last Romanian line kennel

...W.A. a special breeder who:
- mated his female at the same males as anyone alse,
- buy a male from Pezano. :) a nice male, but live in bad conditions..
- don't go in shows, others than in his town!
- don't made work examens with his dogs!( the only dogs from him who go in show, made examen for work and healt tested are made by the owners, for their wish, with owners work and money,)
- never work with his dogs! is very fun to see him in shows, having no ideas about dog presentasion/run or standing!
- keep his dog in a basement! :(
- the only movement of dog are the backyard of 100mp!...

........if this is the last line kennel from Romania, it is sad!
fortunately, are some people who made sacrifice to work, tested and mated the dog not as you! ;)

2017-04-02 07:17, IP: 2001:464a:6937:0:9ded:335:c38:f429, from Unknown 7 positive reactions 0 negative
For someone who claimed his last post here about 50 posts ago, you sure spew out a lot. ;-) The funniest part is that you have NO ANSWER for me still - you honestly think you are one of the x-men having x-ray vision? So sad. If you had put this energy into health testing you dogs, it would be nice. For THE BREED. Stop with the "your lines" already, it is so boring one only read 1/3 of your blablablalbablablabla.....

Talk to me again when you have official papers not bought on some corner. And P.S: You are only digging that hole of yours deeper for yourself, mixing in all this raving mad bullying. Poor reptiles. And the other people reading here....sigh....

2017-04-01 22:46, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 4 negative
I think this coward hided under proxy is Romanian which know me very well and enervate me !
There are two posibilities , our "war & startegy specialist" or a ciu-ua-ua which think that he is dobermann and love to hide him under proxy or cloth of his whife , a idiot which consider me responsable by Romanian desaster because I recomand to him Davor Zamolxis (Bjanka Renewal son) which died by DCM and killed all his puppies at 3 years , excepting my Mohicans !
By 10 years this idiot still not understood WHO killed his dogs, Romanian dogs and dobermann race !

2017-04-01 22:25, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 4 negative
And most important , I wroted here by years because I like to see how your toxic market is shut down !
And already work at half capacity :-) Because now people know what majority of you sell !
Sure, heaklth tests are important and I encourage all who can do these tests to perform them ,
But saying " DCM free " on pedigrees fully by DCM and when DCM genes are not identified yet is a lie and pure marketing ! Saying HD free from lines which HD D , is a lie again !
Regarding ZTP was a good test but incorrect used in my opinion , used for domination and transformed in a domnation and trained test , many improper dogs but well trained pass this test because their training and not because nativity ! In this time the real good character dogs or working dogs died because genetic limitations and line over line is losted !
ZTP starter prohibition mean more than half polulation eliminated from test in condition when genetic diversity is around 1-2% in 13-15 generation ON EVERY European dobermann !
The changing of standard can destroy what remained from genepol !
Somebody need to have courage to say all these truth ! And unfortunately you finded me !
Now is Sufficient !
But the bigest your system error was when You killed my dobermanns because I AM CRAZY regarding them !
Suficient ! Keep in touch!

2017-04-01 22:09, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 3 negative
I think thst we changed our opinions you about me and I about you , as a coward of system
I hope have minimal human dignity (or probable you are have reptilian soul) and don't talk more , or sign what you write .
I know that to swear somebody is not legal , but you are not a person ! You have not a name, nor personality!
Then you are nobody and nothing

Weinberge Avatar - last Romanian line kennel

2017-04-01 22:00, IP:, from Romania 2 positive reactions 4 negative
Put your HD test in your ass with yours 99999 Hertog and 65656532326 Don Dayans . What HD score really that dogs had ?
All my bloodline is HD A in time when other lines had D Displasia ! WHY ? Because your Hertog Alfa ?
My dogs never had eyes or other unimaginable illnesses . Not till now ! WHY ? Because your shit beloved lines which infected entire race ?
My sweet died by kidneys . As Focus Lucky ! 8 days she fight till I put her to sleep ! Do you know what She and Lucky had in common ? Your shit Royal Renewal ! That them have !
Anothers died by wobbler ! I never heard by this disease ! Wo you know what that dogs have in common ? Same hit Royal Renewal Frankenhorst so much beloved by you ! Is writed in their pedigree ! Is Facts !
My dogs have not more bad genetic not more good than yours ! Because Yours genetic is the same !
But they have a more beautiful side and that help some of my dogs to resist ! To resist against death and infinite illnesses when others died at 3 years !
I cried when my dogs and our dogs died, and I know WHO killed them ! Till your shit genetic will do not be eliminated , the toxicity of breed will do not stop no matter how many health tests will pay the breeders ! I am happy that my dogs arrived old , arived to 9, 10, 11 or 12 years ! For that I no need your shit tests !
You don't like Urbano ? Or Pure Citone ? or Pure Renewals ? Talk with them , not with me ! I respond only about my Romanian bloodline ! And she was longevive and great !
And NEVER , NEVER your judges will do not judge my dobermanns ! NEVER !I no need their judgement, I do not recognise their school ! I am free and this is my right , I have nothing for sale for you !
Your world is based on lies ! The tests about you talk are only MARKETING ! You sell DEATH all around !
How possible that dogs to be clear when they died , when their puppies died and when entire race is in pain ?
I breed Eastern dobermans when food do not exist for us, humans ! We had not so much tests , so much industry, so much internet and marketing !But our dogs lived easy 13-15 years!
That before your ill lines to enter here as a toxic plague , promoted at high level and destroing all our dogs till the last , destroing our passions , our freedom, our history ! And now you , are happy that we arrived to the last and you attack hided by a shit proxy, like a coward last Romanian puppies !
There are many Easterns dobermanns and breeders which will reconstruct our lines and our history , because we told the truth and paid too much with our dogs pain your shit titles !
Yes, we arrived to the end ! End of our patience !

Now about you !
I writed here because was occasion to talk what I think ! O have no respect for cowards as you , because you have not courage to assume what you swear ! I assum what I said and I can prove with pedigrees , facts, names, COR registry and declarations !
What you did now atacking 3 innocent Romanian puppies, you are like a reptile, same reptile which filled dobermann breed with death and pain , castarated my dobermanns , neutered my young females , abandonated , or ignored beautiful dobermanns which proved that are triple longeviv than your shit lines !

2017-04-01 20:58, IP: 2001:464a:6937:0:3dc7:72ce:36b0:5f8b, from Unknown 6 positive reactions 0 negative
How about you start to HD/ AD test, eye test, vwd test, troponin/EKG/doppler test your breeding stock before condemning "all of us" ??!! How about taking the dogs trough a mentaltest that is not ztp or your "walk in the citypark" before condemning "all of us" ??!! How about you start to LISTEN and not just shout infamous words around? You are really digging yourself a huge hole. It would be funny had it not been so so sad.

2017-04-01 13:24, IP:, from Romania 1 positive reactions 7 negative
There is not mother nature ! Is your criminal system and breeders whithout character .
I breed by 13 years , in my hands was borned nice pupps . Some of them triple longevive than your ill belovd lines . My Romanian dogs winned the shows and they are now Veteran or 11 years longevive when their parents died by heart at 7 and half brothers do not resit more than 3 years .
By 13 years my bloodline is sweared , ignored, castrated and denied by your shit system and breeders without honor which breed 76cm monsters which died by cancer at 1.5 years .

I know the value of one dobermann and I am happy than I have 3 pupps ! You do not know the value of entire dobermann race and do not care when thousandths of dobermanns was losted , entire propulations erased !

I wroted all of that for people to understand what happened here ! Not for you !
You are a coward hided , nothing more. Zero for me.

2017-04-01 13:02, IP: 2001:464a:6937:0:fc3f:1b0c:8289:30a7, from Unknown 5 positive reactions 0 negative
You have no idea of what is my beloved lines. And you have no idea of honour. All you do is shout and call people undeserving deminishing names. My question still stands: Your unique female birthing how many, you shouting that males past 6 years can not reproduce - yet mother nature does it again and again...hmm...mother nature....:-)

2017-04-01 12:57, IP:, from Romania 6 positive reactions 1 negative
this chatboard is a dirty place
I will stop here

2017-04-01 12:56, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 3 negative
this chatboard have no honor how long accept such discussions with persons without honor hided under proxy , without courage to come and public talk , sign the name and discuss with cards on the table and FACTS .
And FACTS said that dobermann race was DESTROYED , is a general desaster.
Keep your mouth off, you produce me only repulsion, nothing more .

2017-04-01 12:49, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 5 negative
By 5 generations my 14 years longevive Arena resist alone against TONES of yours beloved criminal lines.
8 days fight that pups grand mother for her life , poisoned by proper blood , killed by tones of your beloved royals forells lines !
13 years mu dogs was castarted, abandonated , neutered , eliminated from your shit system named chinology !
and now you are happy that remained only few Romanian pupies !
You are a criminal without heart . A coward which have courage to talk under hided proxy !
Don't worry , Eeasterns and Russians , D'acciaio will input soon their penis in your beloved lines !
You make me sick !

2017-04-01 12:34, IP: 2001:464a:6937:0:fc3f:1b0c:8289:30a7, from Unknown 2 positive reactions 0 negative
......Aaaand then we ask how many pups your amazing unique female got.....wonder if mother nature is trying to tell something.....? Strange how I know other females having first litter at nearly 6 years and raising 8 pups.
And males breeding for first time nearly 8 years, having litters with 10 pups. Wow.....mother nature... ;-)

2017-03-31 21:46, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 5 negative
One last thing , for you anonim big breeder hided under proxy :
Look how will make your system and your beloved lines AUTOIMPLOSION and AUTODESTRUCTION !
Because nothing can resist AGAINST NATURE !
Swear how much you like !

2017-03-31 21:17, IP:, from Romania 2 positive reactions 6 negative
You are one from persons which spread death around all this breed !
Nesimtitule !


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