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2017-09-08 19:07, IP:, from United Kingdom 9 positive reactions 5 negative
and vWD is just another rules invented by DV, just to reduce the genepol, so thee breed to go to finish more rapid!

2017-09-08 19:04, IP:, from United Kingdom 11 positive reactions 2 negative
there is no DCM test! we can only make echo-cardio exam, or holter!
but 80% have no ideeea about what is DCM!... :(

2017-09-01 06:58, IP:, from Germany 14 positive reactions 2 negative
What is the world standard for breeding??


How many breeders are these prerequisites?

2017-08-23 07:23, IP:, from Serbia 8 positive reactions 17 negative
I am Owner of Obi so just tell me what kind of photo you want. I give you options and ideas for photo Obi and bottle of milk or Obi and sun glasses or whatever and you will see that it is new photo. Anyway a obi is good . 8 and half years old still in good shape. Anyway Obi was on balkan Sieger show in serbia in veteran class on show in end of April

2017-08-22 17:18, IP:, from Serbia 7 positive reactions 16 negative
I am Owner of Obi so just tell me what kind of photo you want. I give you options and ideas for photo Obi and bottle of milk or Obi and sun glasses or whatever and you will see that it is new photo. Anyway a obi is good . 8 and half years old still in good shape. Anyway Obi was on balkan Sieger show in serbia in veteran class on show in end of April

2017-07-28 22:52, IP:, from United States 6 positive reactions 24 negative
Do not understand why positive or negative responses for a simple question, but I believe he is, you check with Betegles Kennel and owner Slobodan Maksimovic to be sure.

2017-07-23 10:37, IP:, from Romania 16 positive reactions 6 negative
Is Obi Wan-Kenobi still alive? I haven't heard anything about him lately.

2017-04-01 12:34, IP: 2001:464a:6937:0:fc3f:1b0c:8289:30a7, from Unknown 10 positive reactions 3 negative
......Aaaand then we ask how many pups your amazing unique female got.....wonder if mother nature is trying to tell something.....? Strange how I know other females having first litter at nearly 6 years and raising 8 pups.
And males breeding for first time nearly 8 years, having litters with 10 pups. Wow.....mother nature... ;-)

2017-03-31 19:37, IP: 2001:464a:6937:0:b498:3715:cd9a:5ebe, from Unknown 8 positive reactions 4 negative
You seriously need a reality check. And again - you know zero about what lines my dogs are and what lines I love. If you had LISTENED instead of only spewed cursewords around you may have learned something. something useful.

I am also done, as debating with you is like trying to get some sense out of a toddler.

2017-03-29 20:07, IP: 2001:464a:6937:0:23:9ce9:5d3b:c2c3, from Unknown 21 positive reactions 5 negative
It is strange how Bitten talk about DCM in other peoples dogs, and bad character when her own breeding is dropping from both and thyroid issues. Gunshy dogs springs to mind as well. And owner of Ebo talk a different story about his death - how convenient it is to forget the truth when ones own agenda is different??? Grow a pair! And get the proper truth. ffs

2017-03-29 18:47, IP:, from Romania 2 positive reactions 10 negative
PS American, if you want give your mail and I will send printscreen with this info posted in a place where you can't have acces , or if you have , you have only 2 minutes to open your mouth and promote these lines responsable by so much pain !

2017-03-29 18:42, IP:, from Romania 2 positive reactions 8 negative
America : "Bitten Jönsson A friend of ours was present when Ebo dropped dead in the street while he was visiting Meijer on Majorca - "

Now for sure you can prepare a coup of tea from your beloved ebo sperm, nobody will want to drink more !

PS. Ebo will be genetical castrated soon !
ciao !

2017-03-29 15:10, IP:, from Romania 3 positive reactions 7 negative

2017-03-29 13:40, IP:, from Romania 2 positive reactions 9 negative
In that destroyers of breed opinion , Citone and D'acciaio was not killed , was the killers of breed ! ha ha ha !
Citone losted their lifes in this battle , they was great dobermanns ! ! Now WE know !
Their 70% dominant genetic which generated 70% premature dead dobermanns and 90% extinction of Eastern dobermanns, and so much pain is not sufficient !

Viva il Dobermann !

2017-03-29 13:33, IP:, from Romania 1 positive reactions 7 negative
PS. Let make a bet : Quirinus , Hertog and EBO , all together against alone my 10 years Black Mohican (Ebo sucks , failed to kill him) . And we will see who play pin-pong with testicles .
I promis you that Easterns, Romanian, Russians and old Americans will play pin-pong with testicles of these surogates, soon !

2017-03-29 13:16, IP:, from Romania 2 positive reactions 8 negative
I am more intelligent than you ever imaginate and I undersatand very good what happened in this breed .
Regarding EBO, all know that he was the genetic source of problem and was the real killer of Tequila Mali del Citone .
Yes, between me and Mr. Pezano seem to was a special relation which start from moment when I finded who really was Citone dobermanns .

For me statistic is very clear and simple: there is a desaster of doberman breed and all of us know that . And today is simply to calculate and find WHO are the responsable ancestors , again and again the same which destroyed dobermann genetic and health .

USA, I think I know who are you . If you have some frozen sperm of EBO or similar genetic I can secure you that nobody will do not use and you can prepare a limonade ! Or a coup of coffe ! LOL
Yours game is OVER . Wish you succes !

2017-03-20 06:30, IP:, from United States 20 positive reactions 3 negative
2017-03-19 21:25, IP:, from Romania, you are not so intelligent.
Why do you say Ebo v d Groote Maat is the source of problem? He was barely used while other males were used 100 more times. There is NO ANY proof of the reason of his death. Autopsy was not made.
Let's take a look his pedigree. From his mother side, Barones Eva v Rensloo. Do you remember of Baron Cecar v Rensloo ~ Baron Bryan v Harro's Berg? How long he lived? How many times has he used? Is there any gossip about Baron Bryan? NO. Let's take a look Ebo's father: Egor v d Eland. D0 you know the pedigree of Egor? No? Go and study that pedigree.
How many time was Ebo v d Groote Maat used? How many times he was used for himself giving FULL Ebo genetic? You get me? I hope so.
IF YOU are intelligent enough, go to make a statistic. About every single desdecant of Ebo AND of every other males were used in the dobermann history. Then, you can state your conclusion. Otherwise, stay at home and better you study dobermann and not just telling stupid things on the internet.

Somehow you started to say good things about Pezzano after you somehow got one of his male. Before that, you were telling bad things about his dogs. How that works? And if you NOW accept his knowledge (which is ridiculous, compared to your nonsense knowledge about the race) why do you think he used Astor to Arielle just to get Ebo v d Groote Maat 4 times on the pedigree? Was he aware of Ebo v d Groote Maat will be on his pedigree 4 times? I think so. Was he aware Ebo v d Groote Maat had no any influence of DCM in the race? I think so.

Tell me how many times you saw Ebo v d Groote Maat? How many years you actively spent on shows in all over Europe, talking with breeders week by week? What the owner of Ebo told you? Or you just heard everything from others? Others who wanted to favorize their lines without Ebo? In the time when the line of Ebo was frequently used? You know when this happened? After the heavy use of Hertog Alpha - Jivago - Quirinus. Do you know that from books or from life? You know what lines wanted to get dominance over Ebo? How the story started? I don't need your answer, really. You, so intelligent. You never showed up anything just the gossip.
And I am sure Ebo would take your balls if he would be alive. You would have no any chance.

2017-03-19 21:25, IP:, from Romania 2 positive reactions 8 negative
2017-03-10 19:38, IP:, from Serbia 1 positive reactions 3 negative
So Romania,
You think Ebo is much more dangerous than Alfa? Is that correct?

No, is not correct ! Ebo is SOURCE of Alfa problem ! I said that Alfa Citone is a D'acciaio and he was Killed by Ebo !
And EBO genetic is present all around and is source of entire dobermann race problem .
That I said and that is wroted in pedigrees , and facts .

2017-03-19 07:39, IP:, from France 5 positive reactions 2 negative
I also see many breeders who once added coefficientsy results of there breedings to there adverts no longer do this is it because they forget? Or because they no longer bother to see how high the coefficientsy is because they no longer care, there just busy knocking out litters to sell at any cost to the breed.

2017-03-10 19:38, IP:, from Serbia 4 positive reactions 3 negative
So Romania,
You think Ebo is much more dangerous than Alfa? Is that correct?
Can you please explain why? I'm not an expert, just curious and would like to find a dog healty as much as possible

2017-03-06 08:22, IP:, from Romania 3 positive reactions 10 negative
PS My female is Citone free but I matted her with a 9 years fully Citone male! Because Citone basicaly is a D'acciaio and was the best of showlines .
And I will cut EBO testicles. I know HOW .

2017-03-06 07:52, IP:, from Romania 0 positive reactions 9 negative
YES, sure there exist. Exist lines without Alfa or Adelante but Fully by Ebo and Lucifer genetic .
ha ha ha. Genial !
2017-02-26 13:20, IP:, from Serbia 2 positive reactions 2 negative
Is there any brreding line or even a single dog without astor or alpha adelante in its pedigree?

2017-02-27 16:40, IP:, from Serbia 2 positive reactions 2 negative
Thanks, any female?

2017-02-26 22:10, IP:, from Serbia 2 positive reactions 6 negative

2017-02-26 13:20, IP:, from Serbia 3 positive reactions 2 negative
Is there any brreding line or even a single dog without astor or alpha adelante in its pedigree?

2017-02-07 23:18, IP:, from United States 3 positive reactions 2 negative
Thank you Romania and Poland

2017-02-07 10:17, IP:, from Poland 14 positive reactions 3 negative
Of course reconstruction of the dobermann breed is possible and some breeders have already started to use in their breeding program health tested dogs only and low inbred hoping to reduce risk of heart problems. The others do not care at all but what can we do. Elimination of the disease takes many years, this is not something you can fix in one day. No genetic tests available so there is no other option than wiser selection at the moment.

2017-02-05 16:24, IP:, from Romania 12 positive reactions 0 negative
Is almost a impossible situation to avoid ill genetic and we risck to multiply this genetic in arithmetical progression . The reconstruction of dobermann breed is almost impossible .
To stop that we need to change selection mode , to promote any diverse line , any bloodline with some different ancestors , to avoid inbreeding - thisa is almost impossible because back than 4 generations there are only again and again same trend and promoted politically lines .

2017-02-05 16:13, IP:, from Romania 11 positive reactions 1 negative
USA, there is not about few responsable dogs ! There is a score of years of wrong political breeding and domination of wrong and ill bloodlines which substituted entire healtly population and put in danger entire race genepool . Is a general systemic problem, not a isolate problem in one kennel .

2017-01-10 23:31, IP:, from United States 19 positive reactions 1 negative
If what is said about Pride of Russia lineage is true, which line or dog is believed to be responsible? Just trying to educate myself and maybe help others who are not experts and prospective buyers.


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