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2014-10-21 12:09, IP:, from Germany 16 positive reactions 0 negative
It's the same in Germany. Only the quality of the puppies is far worse!

2014-10-20 16:19, IP:, from Denmark 20 positive reactions 26 negative
2014-10-20 14:46, IP:, from Portugal 1 positive reactions 2 negative
The dobermann is dead, nobody likes a dobermann with ears and tail. 2014 the last year of the bread.

Nonsense! A dobermann is a dobermann with or without ears and tail! It is soooo boring hearing you people saying the same over and over again. In the future a Dobermann has ears and tail!!!

2014-10-20 14:46, IP:, from Portugal 21 positive reactions 14 negative
The dobermann is dead, nobody likes a dobermann with ears and tail. 2014 the last year of the bread.

2014-10-20 09:16, IP:, from Germany 17 positive reactions 1 negative
what a crazy battle here!!!

owner against breeder, states against other states!

work together not against each other, otherwise our beloved dog must pay the bill.

a dobermannlover

2014-10-18 18:28, IP:, from United Kingdom 5 positive reactions 0 negative
i beleive all breeders should be more resposible for health checks and have paperwork and vet check before they are faken from kennel.

2014-10-17 10:41, IP:, from Serbia 12 positive reactions 0 negative
dva dana cacib u holandiji(holandjani su pre zabrane kupiranja bili svetska sila u rasi doberman), 5 PASA PRIJAVLJENO, cacib u austriji,14 pasa prijavljeno od toga 8 iz madjarske i nemacke,eto vam vase klempave i repate vi podrzavajte zelene nemce i nemojte da kupirate....VI STE UBICE RASE DOBERMAN.......

2014-10-15 15:53, IP:, from Germany 2 positive reactions 6 negative
Just because you don't agree with something does not mean you can not help someone who is interested in educating themselves. Besides, you may think the ZTP is shit, but at the moment it is a requirement to breed in Germany. From the DV regulations ( : VIII. Starter-ZTP
As of 01.01.2014 the Starter ZTP was deposed (according to the decision of the IDC Congress 2013).
Limited in time it will be possible for newly joined countries to carry out a Starter ZTP after consultation the committee IDC.
1) In order to facilitate international co-operation and so as to realize all possibilities for the unification of existing Breed regulations within the IDC, a so-called Starter-ZTP can take place.
2) The Starter-ZTP is not recognized as Breed permission in Germany.
3) The conduct of the Starter-ZTP is in accordance with the terms of the ZTP regulations with identical temperament and conformation requirements.
4) In accordance with the test regulations a suitable venue has to be provided.
5) The venue must be reserved and on the day of the test must be exclusively available for the purposes of the ZTP.
6) The final responsibility as to the suitability of the venue rests with the Breed judge.
7) Persons who do not take part in the ZTP and are not under the control of the Breed judge have no access to the test area.
8) All dogs on the test grounds are to be accommodated in such a way that the running of the test is not disturbed in any way whatsoever.
9) HD Assessments and all further documentation must be available on the day of the test in original form.
10) With a Starter-ZTP, HD assessments of the parent animals are not required.
11) The progeny of dogs with a successful Starter-ZTP are admitted to the ZTP in Germany if both parents (father & mother) have successfully passed a ZTP or Starter-ZTP, provided that in terms of the relevant regulations, all necessary documentation has been furnished.
12) A handler may not handle more than 2 dogs per test day (for possible dispensation see VII. 6.)
13) On the day of the test all documentation must be provided to the Breed judge in its original
a) Pedigree
b) HD Assessment – including the HD assessments of the parent animals and a copy of their ZTP assessments
c) Record Card (if applicable)
d) If applicable, original proof of successful ‘Begleithundeprüfung’ or equivalent of the relevant country
e) Dental certification if applicable
f) Original ZTP assessment of dogs submitted for a second time (deferred
g) By transfer into the German Breed Register, approval for the ZTP is required by the Breed Registry office.
14) If the above mentioned documentation is not made available to the Breed judge in its entirety in the original form then the Breed judge cannot judge the dog. Exceptions are NOT possible.
15) The entry fee must be received by the organizer prior to the event.
16) In the case of a deferred dog, the participant has to inform the Breed judge prior to the start of the ZTP.
17) If the identity and the origin of the dog cannot be ascertained with 100% certainty then the participation in the ZTP is not possible.
18) The German ZTP regulations are valid for all ZTP tests in foreign countries.
19) In cases requiring clarification the Breed Judge is entitled to retain all documentation which will be forwarded to the Breed Registry office. ZTP recognition will only be awarded once all outstanding issues have been resolved.
20) The DV Presidium decides on any further proceedings and informs the participant accordingly.

2014-10-15 00:16, IP:, from Italy 0 positive reactions 7 negative
May I.have any news about the starter ZTP??

2014-10-04 04:35, IP:, from United States 25 positive reactions 2 negative
2014-10-04 04:32, IP:, from United States
How many IDC and World Champions have died before 5 years, did those titles help them ?

2014-10-04 04:32, IP:, from United States 8 positive reactions 2 negative
2014-10-03 17:09, IP:, from United States

Seems like you are the one upset, I am fine with what I do and who I am. Are you? Seems like you do not have anything in life but your dogs, if true that is really sad. What does your showing and titling your dogs do for you? I hope you are a breeder and make a little money from it. I do not need to o breed for money which is why I do not do it. So, lets end this dumb ass conversation and move on. I just want the Dobermann breed to survive and showing and titling them is not working. Health testing is by far a better way and that is why I do not purchase any dogs that are not completely health tested and shows of any kind that I know of do not require anything but a hip test. SO, which do you think will save the breed?

2014-10-03 17:09, IP:, from United States 5 positive reactions 11 negative
Now don't get yourself so upset because you failed at working, titling or showing
your dogs. Competing is not for the weak people. It takes lot of time and
energy to work/title to prove the dog ability to be what the Dobermann was intended
to be. My advice is don't beat up yourself because you and your dogs don't have the
ability to keep up with the rest of us. There are several PET forums in your country that
will welcome you with open arms. Find a Dobermann pet forum where you can be somebody.

2014-10-03 15:48, IP:, from United States 7 positive reactions 2 negative
2014-10-03 02:18, IP:, from United States

Exactly, I am not most people and I have not failed because I have never brought into the show thing. My dogs are pets and excellent guard and protection dogs and that is why I own them. As for the worth of the dog he is what I say he is worth and for proving my worth it is by God, family and friends and not by some dumb ass title on a dog.

2014-10-03 02:18, IP:, from United States 2 positive reactions 4 negative
I am so happy that you work and train your dogs in your garden.
Most of us like to train at a club then trial. Most of us want to hear what others
think about our training and titling. You can't title in your back garden.
Titling proves the dog and the worth of the owner. I can undersand if you have
failed in the past and now keep your dogs as pets. Most of us like to get out and
actually work with our dogs, really get to know the dog and make a good decision
on breeding to better the breed. Can't do that from a back garden.

2014-10-02 23:53, IP:, from United States 4 positive reactions 1 negative
2014-10-02 04:28, IP:, from United States

I work and train my dogs, do not need a judge to tell me if they are good, have owned Dobermanns for over 30 years. Tried the show thing I would rather buy a good dog than a bad judge.

2014-10-02 16:00, IP:, from United States 10 positive reactions 0 negative
The problem is that when DV hears that a person is talking about starting a new club, that
person is removed from DV. 25 years ago a small group tryed to start a new International Dobermann Club and all Webbs had to do was advise these new judges that they will be removed from DV.
Removed the same way Vogel, Schellmann and Richter were removed.

2014-10-02 07:17, IP:, from Romania 3 positive reactions 1 negative
Finding right leaders capable t0 do not sell and open a new era way is not easy . Remember what happened with WDB . He gone like a ballon . But for the first time WDB said that breeders want the changing .
In my opinion the principal fault is inside national clubs .These organisms already exist . These clubs members already are together . Then, who stop national club to decide in a international meeting a new club with new statute , to choice new judges coledge (there are many breeders which good knowledges about the race )new way , new ideologia !? I never heard about ONE club which rised his voice against system .
I don't know what happened with Serbian club and how much they rised againsts system for a new ideea of becaue they losted their priviledges !?
Anyway, not that is important . Important is what Serbians want to do in future . If they want changing in benefit of the race or only if they want the power and benefits . This is the question and Serbians must to respond to that !

I will tell you : these clubs are leaded by people subservient to this system which protect their little beneffit. The simply members have no power or the system is convenable for them . This is the real problem of this breed .

2014-10-02 01:29, IP:, from Serbia 1 positive reactions 0 negative
Romania, stop dropping slogans, it ain't helping - rather come up with something, anything that resembles a solution. Finding leader is easy - there must be voting every 2-4 years, but - who will make the body of breed judges? Which judges do you suggest?

2014-10-02 04:28, IP:, from United States 3 positive reactions 1 negative
These are empty words. You sound like someone that has never had their dogs
out of the back garden. Competing shows the dogs ability as well as beauty. How are you going
to find these good dogs if they stay home. Most Americans make the choice based on photos in
Dobermann magazines. Photoshop????

2014-10-02 03:23, IP:, from United States 2 positive reactions 1 negative
I agree with all of the last 10 or so comments and would be a willing contributor to the cause but I personally think the way to save our beloved Dobermanns is by each breeder. Forget about the shows and titles and focus on the dogs, stop going to the shows and you will not have to follow the money. The breeders and people who really care about the dogs and not the money will breed for the dogs and not for the money and for the those who make a living off the dogs (which is not a bad thing, breed for the breed and the money will still come). I again ask Romania not for a leader but for what dogs are left that can save the breed, I just want good Dobermanns I do not care about titles. You know who I am so you can email me or message me. I sent you a book.

2014-10-02 02:01, IP:, from United States 8 positive reactions 0 negative
Follow the money. A complete fincial audit needs to be done on
DV/IDC records. Open for all DV members and IDC menber countries to

2014-10-02 01:29, IP:, from Serbia 2 positive reactions 1 negative
Romania, stop dropping slogans, it ain't helping - rather come up with something, anything that resembles a solution. Finding leader is easy - there must be voting every 2-4 years, but - who will make the body of breed judges? Which judges do you suggest?

2014-10-01 21:40, IP:, from United States 8 positive reactions 0 negative
No we do not need a Messiah, but one would be nice.
We need people that are and have been discussed for years with the
poor leadership of a corrupted DV/IDC. A few old men that are incharge of everything
for a very long time. Time for them to go and the only way is to reduce entries at the large
shows. When they stop making money it will get their attention. Stop paying for Wibbs nice cars and
first class travel. Stop paying for his bar bills that cost more than the trophies he presents to his friends.

2014-10-01 21:01, IP:, from Romania 5 positive reactions 0 negative
Do you expect thar Messia will apear to save this race ? Do you wait the leader ?
Only a new conscience will save this breed . No one world lider have the power . Power is in you , in every of you ! I m a man undefeated by the system and i'm alone by years.
Imaginate your. all toghether power !

2014-10-01 20:31, IP:, from United States 4 positive reactions 1 negative
A new club needs a strong leader. Someone that has been involved in the race for a very long time.
Someone that has proven his/her worth as a outstanding breeder, someone that is or has been a president of a active Dobermann club. Someone that has a strong desire to avoid the mistakes that has lead to this mess that is DV/IDC/ Someone that is respected and can easily draw support. Enough support to cause people to leave DV and start an honest club void of the corruption that is DV/IDC.
Sorry to say the only two names I can think of are now in their early 70's
Please remember that the instant a name or names are presented these people
will probably be baned from DV/IDC.
Who do you dare to nominate?

2014-10-01 18:45, IP:, from Romania 2 positive reactions 0 negative
The design of new club must be freedom in breeding and love for this race ! I do not offer miraculousev solutions. Who i am to say who can be the leader ?
All of that must be decided only by members .

2014-10-01 18:18, IP:, from Romania 1 positive reactions 0 negative
Yes, that i mean . A new international dobermann club . This race breeders must be powerfull and capable to construct destiny of this breed ,not begging something from others . We no need something from somebody . We must to demonstrate that we have power to correct lead this breed . We can be partners but not slaves !
This i wish for dobeann breed !

2014-10-01 16:16, IP:, from United States 1 positive reactions 2 negative
Nice words and I support you all the way.
Please give us a blueprint on how all this can be accomplished.
Are you thinking about forming a new Dobermann Club?
Who do you have in mind for a leader?
What is the design for the new club?
How can we get involved and what do you expect from new members?

2014-10-01 14:13, IP:, from Romania 4 positive reactions 0 negative
We camn reconstruct this race , still is possible , still i saw right eyes , right character right things ! But we must to broken the bad past chains !
We no need idc, nor american nor fci nor to be slaves of politicianists clubs .
We are not slaves ! We are dobermann breed breeders and never will accept to be slaves!

2014-10-01 14:07, IP:, from Romania 7 positive reactions 0 negative
I do not believe that American club is the solution of dobermann breed .
The problem are jnside of this race garden , of breeders , judges and actual breeding system . The ears and tails are only a little part of problem . To focus dobermann race problems , grnetical, health, leaders, breeders, judges systemic problems and to reduce all of that only to tails and ears , is a error .
Doberman still is popular and sufficient numerouse to be a force and to construct a independent powerfull club .
Search the problem inside not outside , find solutions , renounce to bad things and leaders , offer freedom ,beeeders stay together, love the breed not the moneys and all problems will gone !

2014-09-28 18:33, IP:, from United States 7 positive reactions 2 negative
You get the end of the race.

2014-09-28 18:27, IP:, from Germany 3 positive reactions 5 negative
What happens when you cross the American line with a very bad European line?


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