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2014-11-05 16:27, IP:, from United States 2 positive reactions 1 negative
I will give you a web site where you will find many good Dobermann breeders. Google
The Working Dobermann Breeders Project.

2014-11-05 15:01, IP:, from France 4 positive reactions 0 negative
I sent a puppy to Mexico 5 years ago the owner travelled to Paris & took the puppy back with him no problems at all, he also founder this was cheaper than the puppy flying alone in cargo .

2014-11-05 14:52, IP:, from Mexico 1 positive reactions 1 negative
Bulgaria, I've Bee in touch with a european line breeder too, but that's the only one I know and they have several del Nasi dogs, and a couple other West Europe lines. If you know other could you give me the info? If it is permited in this forum

2014-11-04 20:09, IP:, from Bulgaria 3 positive reactions 4 negative
Mexico - if you are looking for working lines there are some breeders in your own country have imported directly from Europe and have sent some pups back to Europe as well as to the US (ie. you can get a good pup meeting them and looking at their dogs in person). Without a doubt though, if you are looking for European show lines, then you should look to Europe for a puppy... and no, the breeders are not lying about being able to send you a puppy from Europe. From Europe to Mexico, it is not a problem. Your biggest challenge will be finding honest breeders with lines that you like, who will actually send you a decent dog. Without connections, that is not going to be easiest of tasks.

2014-11-04 17:16, IP:, from United States 3 positive reactions 1 negative
Older dogs entering Mexico via auto is not the problem.
All they need is proof of Rabies to get back in to America.
The problem comes when a pup is shipped by itself via
air carrier to Mexico. Pup must have proper health certificate
issued by a vet that is listed with USDA. The health certificate must be stamped
by USDA and a Mexican official in America must stamp and issue a visa.
Then the pup can be exported. A pup the same age can just drive over into Mexico
with out a problem.
I suggest buying your pup from Europe, the quality will be much better.

2014-11-04 13:54, IP:, from Mexico 1 positive reactions 1 negative
United States I also have talk with a couple of people from western eurpe and they told me it was no problema to send dogs to México... Unless they were just trying to convence me. I want to do my research and buy in about a year anyway. I'd love to have clubes of the changes of the tendency of te dobermans in this continent with the changes of the standard, I have no idea of what de dobermann club here is thinking.....
Serbia, that info is really nice, a lot of the pedigríes I 've see have dogs that only lives 7 to 19 years

2014-11-03 14:51, IP:, from Serbia 8 positive reactions 2 negative
This dog represent old and today quite rare v. Bayern bloodline (together with v. eschenbruch,mooreiche,v. d. weyermuhle working lines).Wery interesting pedigree with strong linebreed to Cassy v. Bayern.Real refreshment for today all the same genetics...
This is "old fashion" looking dobermann for todays standard ,but dobermann with great caracter and most important great health.
This is longlived bloodnine (more than 10 years):
Ero von Bayern knapp 14 Jahre (*09/78- 07/92)
Elb von Bayern 13 Jahre
Enzo von Bayern 13 Jahre
Cassi von Bayern 11 Jahre
Chicco von Bayern 14 Jahre und 10 Monate
Debby von Bayern 11 Jahre
Yoko von Bayern 11 Jahre
Susi (Yago-Tochter) 12 Jahre
Xaro von Bayern 10 Jahre
Uran von Bayern 11 Jahre
Quint von Bayern 11 Jahre
Kara von Bayern 11 Jahre
Hella von Bayern 12 Jahre
Jano von Bayern 03/1998 - 01/2011
Justus von Bayern 03/1998 - 12/2011
Jaska von Bayern 12 Jahre
Baccara (Eiko-Tochter) 12 Jahre
Olga von Bayern 09/2000 - 02/2013
Lara von Bayern 2000 - 2012
Nero von Bayern 02.09.2000 - 02.05.2014
Kero von Bayern 09/1998 - 06/2011
Patricia von Bayern 2001 - 2013
Ronja del Pais Baviera 11 Jahre
Rebell del Pais Baviera 11 Jahre
Resi del Pais Baviera 11 Jahre
Samba del Pais Baviera 05/2004 - 04/2014
Shira del Pais Baviera 10 Jahre

2014-11-03 07:51, IP:, from United States 1 positive reactions 0 negative I could use some opinions from people with more experience. thanks

2014-11-03 10:03, IP:, from United Kingdom 12 positive reactions 1 negative
Heads up to any Dobermann breeder who cares where their dogs end up. The UK rescues (and websites for unwanted things) are doing a great 'trade' in unwanted European Dobermanns (cropped and docked).
It's mostly Eastern European kennels - who sell to anyone who asks. This weekend a nice 18 month old brown cropped and docked male was re-homed....the owner in England simply decided 'he didn't want him anymore'.

We know a lot of breeders care, and there are a lot of good owners of cropped and docked dogs here, but mostly it's just an image thing. What is worse is that those breeders who are just interested in the money, are selling no questions asked, so males are ending up in novice homes.

The name of your kennels is well known and if you keep using the UK as a dumping ground with no questions asked to your buyers, I will post the names on here of your puppy farm.

2014-11-03 07:51, IP:, from United States 1 positive reactions 1 negative
I could use some opinions from people with more experience. thanks

2014-11-03 00:25, IP:, from Bulgaria 3 positive reactions 1 negative
It's actually pretty easy to bring dogs to and from Mexico, that's a load of crap about the paper work. I've sent a couple of dogs there from Europe and I know handlers that travel between Mexico and the US/Canada to show, so it's definitely not impossible. Most American breeders don't like exporting overseas for reasons of their own.

2014-11-02 16:04, IP:, from United States 0 positive reactions 2 negative
I talked with one American breeder that only uses Western European blood lines
and they said they no longer export to Mexico. It is just too difficult to get the dogs
shipped due to the massive amount of paper work the Mexican customs has in place.
They said it was not worth the effort. They would have to drive to the Mexican mission in San Feancisco
several times to get export permits and visa stamp.

2014-11-02 05:23, IP:, from Mexico 3 positive reactions 0 negative
I know!! A lot of males are short dogs with tiny muzzles and some of the females looks almost like tall italian grayhounds, got to say there are some nice dogs too, thing is that those nice dogs are almost always imported from Northamerica or Southamerica (same thing at the end) of course and like a lot of places personal relations influences the results, si the few european line breeders do not show because judges wouldn't even look at them. I ask these because I'd like to buy an european dobermann and I'd like to have an idea of the way the changes are going in countries like this, FCI/AKC weird stuff.

2014-11-01 22:44, IP:, from United States 4 positive reactions 0 negative
First you will have to find out what the Mexican Dobermann Club is going to do.
The standard change is very close so there should have been meetings to talk about all this.
I went to several dog shows in Mexico and it was a farce. Americans showing their males that
were closer to the top of the FCI female standard. Complete lack of sex stamp and all with a
worried look on their face.

2014-11-01 22:16, IP:, from Mexico 1 positive reactions 1 negative
Ok here is one question if there is Someone that lives in an FCI country but the dobermanns are mostly american dobermans. In my country the vast mayority of the dobermanns in shows are american in spite of live in an FCI country, I know that a judge choose a winner according to his own criteria -based on knowledge of the breed standard-, but in México almost all foreign judges are Northamerican and even Mexican and Southamerican judges choose american style dobermanns. Do you think the changes in the standard could change this? That american and european style dobermans begin to compete together or even that european begin to win in these countries and the buying of puppies from Europe rises?

2014-10-31 17:29, IP:, from United States 16 positive reactions 0 negative
Low number of Dobermanns at EDS.
Perhaps this is a way fo Dobermann owners protesting the poor quality of judges.
Protesting the same old judges that have made their selections prior to leaving home.
The same old judges that make their selections based on what DV/IDC wants.
I think everyone that shows or trials wants an objective judge but have to settle for a
judge that plays the political game. The only way to make a change is to keep the entries down.
Take the money away from DV/IDV and things will change for the better.

2014-10-30 23:54, IP:, from Europe 22 positive reactions 0 negative
Why from many years we cannot discuss about a REAL IDC Winner ? Why IDC became the play yard of the in house breeders of IDC leadership ?

2014-10-30 23:42, IP:, from Europe 20 positive reactions 1 negative
It is very interesting that nobody is discussing here about the alarming low number of dobermanns from EDS Brno. 48 present out of 77 ?!!!!!!! That was some years ago ( not many) the number in a normal CACIB show.
This is the direction the breed is going ?! That will be after standard change ?! Where were the great number of uncropped undocked german and other countries dobermanns where is ban for cropping ? It was European Dog Show, not a small show ! Was in the heart of Europe, distance was not a problem ! Ok next year will be plenty in Italy , but can we make a bet who will win ? Nemesis, Prisconte or somebody who is close to the judges who are making many many years their politics at IDC !!!

2014-10-30 23:42, IP:, from Europe 3 positive reactions 0 negative
You are not talking anything about EDS ?!

2014-10-30 22:57, IP:, from United States 4 positive reactions 8 negative

2014-10-30 17:04, IP:, from Finland 4 positive reactions 5 negative
So India, what age did your puppys came to you?

2014-10-30 15:30, IP:, from India 4 positive reactions 14 negative
Liparland, Noblesshof are few examples of utmost honest and true breeders from Serbia. Not all breeders are dirt trash, there are always good breeders every where, so don't give bad labels to breeders like these, which produces super specimens and total dobermann with sound mind and healthy body !!

And this is coming from India which is not even FCI country, but yes we do have few dogs from there and all are true to type, morphologically as well as mentally !!

2014-10-30 14:30, IP:, from Serbia 21 positive reactions 0 negative
If we can't produce a list of every single honest breeder from Serbia (evidence provided ) along with every single dishonest kennel (evidence also provided), let's not deal with this subject at all, unless excommunicating Serbia from dobermann world would miraculously heel the dobermann breed. If all (health especially) problems can't be solved by condemning one country it's better to start from the top down - maybe we should pay attention to countries or clubs that have far bigger authority that Serbia, the clubs that make up the rules and constitute the system itself. Why don't we discuss, for example, International Dobermann Club and see if such club is transparent and democratic enough: for start, let's discuss if it is healthy (and honest) that leadership of an international club is not obligatorily re-elected every 4 years and rotated around it's member countries?

2014-10-29 21:25, IP:, from Finland 5 positive reactions 12 negative
Tell me one honest breeder in Serbia? Anyone?

2014-10-29 15:50, IP:, from Serbia 4 positive reactions 2 negative
Prodaju psa za mizerne pare, a onda amerikanac isti domaci skart ( izvezen u USA ) prodaje za 8 do 10000 USD pa ko se upeca. Ovaca za sisanje koliko zelis

2014-10-29 13:27, IP:, from Mexico 2 positive reactions 2 negative
Hello!! I am thinking in buying an european line doberman and even I was searching for breeders in Northamerica (not USA, the whole North America) I saw the site of Britton farms and got a little confused, because here european lines are though yto be large, bot a dog that size is just not normal and has to have health issues in some point. Also I though y, way esuropean lines are being that big , that is far from both FCI or AKC standard, is that what the big size mean when any american breeder talk about when talk about european dobermanns? That is just not right.. But now I that I've read more know it is not the way european dogs are going and is just a dude that is taking advantage of people that doesn't know the breed

2014-10-29 06:07, IP:, from Croatia (Hrvatska) 9 positive reactions 0 negative
Better to look who sold the dogs to a such commercial "kennel". So sad.

2014-10-29 01:28, IP:, from United States 6 positive reactions 0 negative
Britton Farms is a well known American commercial breeder.
They use fake International Champion titles to beef up their
failing web site. In America a Int champion title cvan be won in
a weekend. All you have to do is just show up and pay the entry fee.
Look at the pedigrees.

2014-10-29 01:03, IP:, from United States 1 positive reactions 4 negative
Is this where our Dobermanns are headed note size and weight? This should not fit anyone's standard.

2014-10-28 19:41, IP:, from United States 9 positive reactions 2 negative
America breeds in a small cacoon. Each breeder thinking that they have the best.
The DPCA telling all members that American Dobermanns are the best in the world.
Sorry, this is far from reality. America is a free for all breeding country. No manditory
health testing no mandotory menatality testing. On line registrations leaves room for cheating.
Sad fact is that American Dobermanns can not compete on an international level. They are just
not good enough. A few Americans import from Europe and the rest get nervous and start a hate
campaign. There are no American breeders using American lines that compete in IPO. There are only a few American lines that have BH or IPO-I but not very mane.
I would rather have a strong European male than a pretty SWAN NECK 35 kilo American male
that urinates when scared.

2014-10-28 19:25, IP:, from United States 9 positive reactions 2 negative
In my opinion there should be one standard, no distiguishing between Euro dobes and American. Us Americans for the most part are breeding for the "pretty". Swan necks, thinner body. But Euros or some are going too big and bulky. They are beginning to look more like Danes or Rotts. My ideal dog is somewhere in the middle. And they should ALL be able to do the job they were intended for, no weak nerves, if they wanna show go ahead, but they should be able to have a working title too.

Everyone needs to slow down the breeding for money, breed for health and temperment and then breed for beauty.


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