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2013-08-26 16:54, IP:, from Bulgaria 2 positive reactions 4 negative
I was referring to the dog's inborn temperament and not to specific cases such as when it is attacked as a young puppy. However, your dog's ability to bounce back from traumatic as such is also very telling of its temperament. A dog that cannot overcome bad experiences and be rehabilitated has poor temperament.

2013-08-26 13:44, IP:, from Bosnia and Herzegovina 6 positive reactions 0 negative
i don't agree. experience is very important and dog is not human being so it can make difference between all situations. for example,if you have puppy and you don't socialize it with other dogs and one day e.g. hairy yellow dog with attacks you puppy, it is normal for your puppy to hate dogs that are similar to that one when it grows up. that's normal reaction and it doesn't mean that your dog is poor specimen, it's just bad experience

2013-08-26 09:27, IP:, from Bulgaria 3 positive reactions 3 negative
If you have to "socialize" or "train" your dog into having a normal temperament and not pissing itself at every little thing, it doesn't matter whether you're a good owner or not, that dog is a poor specimen of the breed.

2013-08-26 09:11, IP:, from Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 positive reactions 0 negative
thank you for your answers.
and what about owners? why we always assume that owners are always people that know how to manage doberman and the reason is always genetics and breeder?

2013-08-25 19:11, IP:, from Bulgaria 8 positive reactions 0 negative
Yes, it's easier to describe what is not a good character in a Dobermann, partially because this kind of behaviour is most often seen.

2013-08-25 18:35, IP:, from USA 12 positive reactions 0 negative
It is easy to describe what is NOT good character in a dobermann, but defining the qualities that make Good Character will certainly be a lot more varied.

To me Good Character is a dog that is stable with thick nerves; understands how to behave appropriately in any situation. A dog that is not hyper reactive, but is ready to respond to any threat with a full bite.

I am sure there are more things, but this is a start.

2013-08-23 22:57, IP:, from Bulgaria 15 positive reactions 0 negative
A Dobermann with a good character IS NOT a pretty pisser that hides behind its owner with its tail between its legs, only able to temporarily overcome its nervousness when its owner shakes around a toy to make it stand properly in the show ring.

2013-08-23 20:56, IP:, from Bosnia and Herzegovina 4 positive reactions 3 negative
what is good character for dobermann? how it looks? how dobermann with good character behaves?

2013-08-23 11:26, IP:, from Germany 29 positive reactions 4 negative
Yeah, let's us all run again to the same bloodlines! Who needs diversity?
It's all about quick success and cash!

Why not use a male who is not well known but healthy and has a good character who does the breed proud!

2013-08-20 07:55, IP:, from Romania 4 positive reactions 15 negative
3 negative . probable from dead corps breeders. in a day I will tell all the names which filled dobermann world with death .
bye bye dr

2013-08-20 07:04, IP:, from Romania 11 positive reactions 26 negative
The king is dead, long live the king : Toscano Del Diamante Nero !


2013-08-18 23:25, IP:, from Turkey 24 positive reactions 13 negative
RIP urbano, best producer ever..

2013-08-18 04:22, IP:, from USA 30 positive reactions 12 negative
shame on the owners of the 565 dogs entered to the IDC!
The show must go on...

2013-08-16 17:38, IP:, from Germany 35 positive reactions 8 negative
" Let hope for better behavior in this years IDC. It was tragic to see the drunk Norwegians booing when their own favorites did not get the desired placement. One person even pushed the judges.

shame on you!"

Actually, shame on the judge (who was not even judging on that particualr IDC) who actually attacked and pushed a viewer who immediately reacted in accordance, so that "judge" kissed the ground. And shame on regular judges acting like complete ignorants in their infamous cocky manner, instead of respecting the competitors and people who actually spent THEIR OWN MONEY to attend the event...and along the day financed judges' presence too.

2013-08-16 16:36, IP:, from Netherlands 10 positive reactions 22 negative
2013-08-16 13:27, IP:, from Romania

Wonderful views with incredible 565 dogs :-)

Let hope for better behavior in this years IDC. It was tragic to see the drunk Norwegians booing when their own favorites did not get the desired placement. One person even pushed the judges.

shame on you!

2013-08-16 13:27, IP:, from Romania 15 positive reactions 7 negative
Today at IDC entries : 565 dogs entered . Not a final number because some payments must be verified.
As I'll have final figures I shall post statistics .
Thank you for coming to Romania and IDC show !

2013-08-14 22:22, IP:, from USA 34 positive reactions 4 negative
Dobermann Insider is hitting DV hard but being honest.
In my opinion they are just draging a lot of corruption out into
the light of day. Activities that DV wants to hide. It's not going to get any better if we don't talk about it.

2013-08-13 22:10, IP:, from France 29 positive reactions 3 negative
Seems that Insider is active again. Stepping hard on DV leadership.

2013-08-04 13:52, IP:, from Romania 25 positive reactions 34 negative
Mitto died of stomach torsion, his death cause was already announced. It is quite common among large breeds with deep chest. He was an excellent male with excellent progenies.

2013-08-03 20:05, IP:, from Serbia 25 positive reactions 17 negative
For a new beginning find a better base .Do you know how Mitto died ?

2013-07-30 20:03, IP:, from Germany 17 positive reactions 13 negative
I am so sad about mitto , my plan wa to take him for my new start in breeding after many years ;-(((, wich progeny male is the best of Mitto ?

2013-07-30 11:20, IP:, from UK 8 positive reactions 1 negative
Does anyone actually work on this site? twice I have emailed re web design over the last 3wks and still no reply!!!!

2013-07-18 11:09, IP:, from Denmark 4 positive reactions 4 negative
hahahahaa,i cant believe ,in any of advertisement are not good data ...please people ..

2013-07-17 10:32, IP:, from Germany 8 positive reactions 1 negative
Yes, I know, dog needs at least BH. In some countries there is no BH exam, so DV accepts IPO too, but in Portugal the dog needs nothing to start for ZTP..

2013-07-17 07:48, IP:, from Netherlands 31 positive reactions 1 negative
News! The most recent K├Ârung scandal revealed!

2013-07-17 07:37, IP:, from Germany 10 positive reactions 0 negative
For the ZTP you need only the BH-test and the HD-result. IPO is not needed.

2013-07-17 03:59, IP:, from Germany 9 positive reactions 0 negative
When the german ZTP is located in Portugal, the dogs do not need to do a BH, IPO or anything else to start. How does it work??? I thought, the rules are same for all... On June 8th was a ZTP there and most of the dogs have no exams... if they all have a german HD result, I have doubt...

2013-07-11 08:27, IP:, from Italy 5 positive reactions 0 negative
Bogema Bravo Dangerous Beauty, pedigree is not correct!

2013-07-11 05:58, IP:, from USA 4 positive reactions 5 negative
Jelena should work.
"Jelena & Ivan's Dobermann Review"

2013-07-10 17:01, IP:, from Serbia 6 positive reactions 9 negative
i see how you work ,people wait ads 3 weeks ..


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