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2014-11-20 12:45, IP:, from France 5 positive reactions 2 negative
Of course we are all sad about the new standard change, but more so those that can still crop and dock and live off the backs of there females, at the moment the demand for a cropped puppy is high because of the standard change, when it comes in who will want a substandard puppy from the eastern block when they can get a great puppy from most other breeders in Europe with correct and legal paperwork, it will be time for them to change there breeds as no one will want there puppy's which will be good for the breed and for there females who are and have been over bred, they will have to change breeds or they may find themselves having to get a proper job!!!!!!

2014-11-20 12:43, IP:, from Serbia 8 positive reactions 6 negative
and Denmark...cropped and docked is not cosmetic,dobermann must be cropped and docked becouse of WORK and BECOUSE HE MADE TO BE CROPPED AND DOCKED,you can not cropped so f*** rest of the world,NO....fuck you....hunting doberman killing the dobermann....

2014-11-20 12:38, IP:, from Serbia 13 positive reactions 6 negative
NATURAL DOBERMANN IS CROPPED AND DOCKED......uncropped and undocked is new hunting dogs,not dobermann....dobermann is working dog and he must be cropped and docked....Luis Dobermann...and of story....

2014-11-20 12:16, IP:, from Croatia (Hrvatska) 12 positive reactions 2 negative
Denmark, are you living in some other world that the rest of us?
Even in your own country breeders are strugling with selling their pupps. Most of the falks from Scandinavia and also Germany still buys where they can get cropped pupps.
Not that I have anything against natural dogs, some of my dogs are natural and I like them nothing less than cropped but that are facts and statistics, but maybe your wishfull thinking want's to be diferent!

2014-11-20 12:01, IP:, from Denmark 3 positive reactions 12 negative
Croatia - who says that it is a problem to sell puppies with natural ears and tail? People that want to do something in the future with the dogs dont want them to be cropped and docked.... And a lot of people dont like the thougt of cutting in a dog for cosmetic reasons. I think you are wrong and what you say is only wishful thinking!

2014-11-20 10:53, IP:, from Portugal 10 positive reactions 1 negative
I do not think that we should impose that the dog should have cropped ears, we should let people choose. Why is someone who likes the dog with ears cropped ears can not be a dobermann lover?

2014-11-20 10:11, IP:, from Portugal 0 positive reactions 1 negative

2014-11-20 10:10, IP:, from Portugal 8 positive reactions 2 negative
For me the Dobermann breeder is a dobermann lover, you can not create without love. Whenever the Germans with their supposed moral superiridade, who are you to know whether or not I like the race.

2014-11-20 08:02, IP:, from Croatia (Hrvatska) 14 positive reactions 4 negative
Germany, it has nothing to do with LOVING the breed!
No normal and inteligent person will continue breeding if he cant place their pupps to the new owners, wich actually happens with uncropped and undocked dogs.
Just stop pretending it's not happening just because all of you germans are frustrated since cropping is long time forbidden in your country !

2014-11-20 07:28, IP:, from Germany 5 positive reactions 7 negative
Portugal wrote:

Mexico. In countries that already have a ban in reducing the number of copies decreased 50-60%. I am breeder for 10 years, I am seriously thinking devote myself to another race.

....may be you are a dobermann-breeder, for sure NOT a dobermann-Lover !!!

2014-11-20 02:59, IP:, from United States 0 positive reactions 1 negative
Ok whole US then


2014-11-20 01:09, IP:, from United States 1 positive reactions 0 negative
Why are you limiting your search to the East Coast of America?
I can nane a few breeders that are using strong healthy Western
European blood lines but if you are just looking for a pet these
people can not help you.

2014-11-20 00:36, IP:, from United States 1 positive reactions 1 negative
Hi I live in Virginia US and I have a difficult time to find a good breeder.. in east coast ... please help

top 3 kennel in US please( European )


2014-11-19 18:24, IP:, from United States 4 positive reactions 2 negative
Off topic, but is FerroFaraGomez di Campovalano still living?

2014-11-19 18:04, IP:, from United States 1 positive reactions 1 negative
If you can't understand why this happened then you have not
been paying attention to what has been going on in Europa for
the last 10 years.
There are a few American breeders using good Western European blood lines.
Buy from them.

2014-11-19 18:04, IP:, from Serbia 9 positive reactions 2 negative
Let's bury the "it was created like that" argument and never mention it again. Also the other arguments, reasonable or less, as they're irrelevant when presented alone, by themselves. Rather, let's do things properly: start up a fund for brib...ehh...lobbying.

2014-11-19 16:25, IP:, from United States 1 positive reactions 2 negative
Are the cropping and docking restrictions being imposed by the corresponding countries or by the DV/FCI and does it apply to all dogs that are normally cropped/ docked or just Dobermanns? I am very disappointed to hear all countries are going to do this by next year. I am looking for two more puppies in the next year and even though I have owned Dobermanns for more than 30 years, I am a fan of the original look and intend to stay that way, I have a good boy and girl and luckily I live in U.S and can still crop/dock for the foreseeable future but I wanted to purchase two more of certain bloodlines and doubt that I will purchase any puppies that are not at least docked. I can get them cropped here so that does not really concern me that much. I just cannot understand why this happened, when they were created for this look.

2014-11-19 14:51, IP:, from Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 positive reactions 1 negative
Poor doberman !!!

2014-11-19 10:00, IP:, from Portugal 7 positive reactions 2 negative
Mexico. In countries that already have a ban in reducing the number of copies decreased 50-60%. I am breeder for 10 years, I am seriously thinking devote myself to another race.

2014-11-18 23:33, IP:, from United States 10 positive reactions 0 negative
Do the math. Infected dogs put to other infected dogs will produce
poor health. This will kill off many in the next two years. This coupled with the ban on cropping/docking will mean good breeders looking to other races, this reduces availability of quality. CommerciaL breeders pumping out junk will reduce the numbers of healthy dogs. I believe the Dobermann population will suffer
and be reduced in size.

2014-11-18 21:57, IP:, from Mexico 1 positive reactions 3 negative
C'mon, How did you get to that number Portugal?

2014-11-18 18:35, IP:, from United States 6 positive reactions 1 negative
Funeral will be held in Germany and the burial will be in each of our
back gardens.

2014-11-18 15:39, IP:, from Portugal 6 positive reactions 0 negative

2014-11-18 15:31, IP:, from Portugal 16 positive reactions 1 negative
In the next two years the number of registered Doberman will decrease more than 60%, will become an irrelevant race. is the end. Sorry. Where is lhe funeral?

2014-11-17 21:25, IP:, from United States 14 positive reactions 0 negative
A very corrupt guardian that has caused the demise of
the race as we know it. It will never recover due to poor

2014-11-17 19:55, IP:, from France 5 positive reactions 1 negative
United States you are right, yes the DV owns the Dobermann Breed Standard & they are the guardians of our breed, but it still has to be approved by the FCI

2014-11-17 18:13, IP:, from United States 2 positive reactions 6 negative
DV sets the standard for the Dobermann and the club has been talking about this change
for a long time. DV is making the change and FCI will follow on Jan 1
You can bet your bum the change will be made.

2014-11-17 17:52, IP:, from France 9 positive reactions 1 negative
There is still no confirmation by FCI that the standard is changed on 1st january !!!!!
They must tell us in writing !

2014-11-17 17:42, IP:, from United States 2 positive reactions 2 negative
Yes, they have been using North American pimps to help sell their dogs.
But it will be even worse after the first of the year. They will rally their
factory workers to push out more and more pups.

2014-11-17 17:21, IP:, from Finland 2 positive reactions 2 negative
Haven't they always done that...?


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