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Tuesday, 21st October 2014. All times are CET (Central European Time)

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2013-10-15 20:28, IP:, from USA 53 positive reactions 0 negative
I agree with you about forming a union of breeders to fight the current problems that were caused years ago.
Can anyone please tell me how we can go about this?
Who is going to lead this movement and how is it going to happen?
Collecting a thousand names is not going to solve the issues. Look at
Dobermann Insider. These good people have been collecting information and dragging it out into the light of day, makeing DV
and IDC very nervious. I feel that these people are responsible for the low turn out at this years BZS. Finally breeders are making a statement by avoiding these shows. This hurts in the DV pocket book and the only way to make them change their corrupt ways.

2013-10-15 06:52, IP:, from Italy 39 positive reactions 0 negative
The only action that can change the course of this ugly story, is the union of Breeders of all world, strong and compact !!!

2013-10-14 20:04, IP:, from Ukraine 38 positive reactions 1 negative
29 present, 36 entries
judge Hans Wiblishauser, his female KYRANA VON BAVARIA - Bundessiegerin

2013-10-14 19:45, IP:, from Finland 0 positive reactions 0 negative
2013-10-14 18:49, IP:, from USA



2013-10-14 18:49, IP:, from USA 4 positive reactions 0 negative
How many Dobermanns were entered in this years
BZS Show. Total dog entered??????

2013-10-14 13:18, IP:, from Romania 9 positive reactions 0 negative
Well said Serbia !
Between the blinds , one eye man is the king !

2013-10-14 10:12, IP:, from USA 4 positive reactions 1 negative, from Romania is Valencia or weinberge avatar ... internetic breeder

2013-10-14 10:05, IP:, from Germany 37 positive reactions 0 negative
The results of the Bundessieger Show in Germany is only a reflection of the ASSLICKER of the DV. Only these people took part at the show. A big HALLELUJAH ! Finally people wake up ! Congratulations to ALL other german breeders who prefered to stay at home instead of getting assF***ed by the politicians and supporting them with their entry fees ! Congratulations to the Sieger ! Between the blind, the one-eyed man is the king !

2013-10-14 01:13, IP:, from Serbia 20 positive reactions 2 negative

2013-10-13 20:58, IP:, from Serbia 33 positive reactions 3 negative
Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann is rolling over in his grave...

2013-10-13 15:36, IP:, from Germany 31 positive reactions 1 negative
If they were hunting dogs they would be docked.

2013-10-13 08:15, IP:, from Serbia


2013-10-13 09:01, IP:, from Italy 52 positive reactions 1 negative
the number of dogs Dobermann present at the recent Bundessieger, has to make really reflect!!!!
the rest is just bla bla bla

2013-10-13 08:15, IP:, from Serbia 45 positive reactions 2 negative

2013-10-13 07:26, IP:, from Ukraine 13 positive reactions 2 negative
Totally agree with Italy! What the funny show:
5 adult males and 9 adult females! This is big JOKE! And is it future of breed???

2013-10-13 06:40, IP:, from Serbia 0 positive reactions 6 negative
Yes , Jelena is very bussy with this chatboard ;)

2013-10-13 06:05, IP:, from USA 7 positive reactions 3 negative
Jelena, are you so busy with the WDB and writing this chatboard...don't want to update the news page on your site with new ads :(

2013-10-12 23:08, IP:, from Romania 1 positive reactions 2 negative
Probable you have right regarding orher countries . In Romania pupies remain unsolded , to breed dobermanns is not a busdiness .ayne only for breeders which sell outside of country !

2013-10-12 22:39, IP:, from Romania 6 positive reactions 1 negative
I am who gave - . I gave this because questions are useless, we all make mistakes because vanity or others because trying to earn money from dobermann puppy selling. I was saying all the time : if money earned from puppy selling is = or higher then salary or money received from business, is a big problem an will not take us in a good direction regarding breed future. You can agree with this or not , but if you will think deeper you will see that I am right !

2013-10-12 20:32, IP:, from Romania 18 positive reactions 1 negative
How is possible that few politicianists and judges to decide all in dobermann breed and all peoples which really breed dobermanns to have mo power to decide what gappen with their breed ?
Are that politicianists so smart or their power is based on obedience of simply breeders leaders ?
Why peoples don"t get back their race ?

2013-10-12 12:50, IP:, from Italy 43 positive reactions 4 negative
Bundessiegerschau in Dortmund, Germany - only 36 dogs.
It was one of the most important dobermann shows and look at it now.
Is this the furture of our beloved breed?

2013-10-12 09:39, IP:, from Serbia 21 positive reactions 0 negative
2013-10-12 09:34, IP:, from Serbia2 positive reactions 0 negative

Mislite o tome!!!

2013-10-12 09:34, IP:, from Serbia 19 positive reactions 1 negative

2013-10-11 20:44, IP:, from Romania 22 positive reactions 3 negative
As I said , in 15 pedigree generations from 65532 theoretical ancestors only 1200 are different . All the rest appear in pedigree 2 times , 10 times, 1000 times , etc .

Then...if somebody said that he make outcross with actual showlines, is a joke.
DO you know another source of diferent genes than actual genepool ? I do not know others except American and working lines ?

They are dobermanns with a paralel evolution from a original nucleum . As Eastern dobermanns too , but today losted in their majority .

Some working lines descend from Chicho V Forell . Then..that lines do not represent a real outcross .
But some of them still are different and still keept original genes.

Let be sincere..the original dobermanns was not so beautiful as actual showlines . The working lines evolution went in working direction and keep their ancestrality and original looking . But they are dobermanns more closed in my opinion by original nucleum and conserved the original characters more good than showlines . Showlines in my opinion have genome modified in molosoidal direction : bones , head stop, round eyes, big chest and molosoidal ilnesses : DCM, Wobbler, Torsions , HD. And the MIND - molosus character . All of that problems are molosoid , is the PRICE of original rennouncement .

In my opinion , if dobermann race will do not return to original, will be damned . Will be changed .
If we will do not use any pure dobermann gene source , in a day we will need to make outcross with another race . Because we can't continue to breed a ill dobermann on infinit .

We need to change the mentality , need to protect any different genetic source .
The JUDGES and SHOWS are very guilty about actual situation , because they maded that HELL WAY OF DESTRUCTION !

2013-10-11 09:25, IP:, from UK
10 positive reactions 0 negative

Could you tell us more about the working lines that you say are a treasure of Dobermann genes? I agree completely that we need to broaden the gene pool. It's refreshing to hear someone who thinks outside the box!

2013-10-11 09:25, IP:, from UK 12 positive reactions 0 negative
Could you tell us more about the working lines that you say are a treasure of Dobermann genes? I agree completely that we need to broaden the gene pool. It's refreshing to hear someone who thinks outside the box!

2013-10-11 05:10, IP:, from Serbia 1 positive reactions 15 negative
ja vidim da si ti skroz zastranio

2013-10-11 02:26, IP:, from Serbia 15 positive reactions 2 negative
Haha kolko si ti lud lik, pa je l' ti vidis sine situaciju koliko ljudi je protiv vas? Nemoj vise da se ponasas kao majmun.

2013-10-11 00:14, IP:, from Serbia 1 positive reactions 15 negative
pre bih rekao da je obrnuto

2013-10-10 23:55, IP:, from Serbia 12 positive reactions 1 negative
A uostalom, nebitni ste, SKROZ!!!

2013-10-10 23:53, IP:, from Serbia 18 positive reactions 1 negative
Paranoja je gadna stvar, naročito kad si kriv/a...
Ima nas dosta koji lupamo pluseve i minuseve, a vas svega troje ili četvoro.

2013-10-10 23:44, IP:, from Serbia 1 positive reactions 16 negative
i dzabe lupas ove pluseve i minuse kako ti odgovara , to ti nece pomoci


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