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2014-08-30 16:20, IP:, from Serbia 21 positive reactions 3 negative
of course that no one wants Serbia in IDC

because we want Doberman how as it's supposed to be, without ears and tail, cropped and docked
and overall we have a hell of a good dogs
that quality for the Germans is far away, and for many others

the easiest way is to cut out Serbia from IDC

but that is nothing new, unfortunately we are already split over the future of Doberman

2014-08-30 07:50, IP:, from Germany 22 positive reactions 1 negative
IDC & Congress is not more than money making! It has nothing to do regarding the better of our breed!

2014-08-29 18:47, IP:, from United States 7 positive reactions 6 negative
If the Serbian club disbanded how are all the pups
from ther large commercial Dobermann breeders being registered?
Are they also faking registration papers along with pedigree and health

2014-08-29 10:44, IP:, from Romania 14 positive reactions 0 negative
Serbia you have right is needed a new club . But for a new club is needed people with new mentalities .

2014-08-29 09:41, IP:, from Serbia 13 positive reactions 1 negative
Serbia will be not kicked aut of politics IDC...Serbia go aut becouse Serbia do not have dobermann club,club is closed and Serbia automaticly go f*** politics dobermann internacional club we is private firm of Germans and Pezano....we need new club....

2014-08-29 07:35, IP:, from Bulgaria 12 positive reactions 0 negative
So... declining health and genetic diversity, increasing size and changing type, all the while losing working ability is improving the breed?

Yeah, that's what we need more of... the same opinion being distributed to a wider audience. It's no wonder the breed has fallen out of popularity.

2014-08-29 07:14, IP:, from Finland 3 positive reactions 5 negative
"2014-08-28 10:41, IP:, from Greece 8 positive reactions 2 negative
Finland,you're so boring with your story..please stop!"

Thank You, I'm a bit boring, but at least I see IDC as much more than a big win. It's a "come together" event where breed enthusiasts meet, have fun, changes opinions, share knowledgement about the breed etc. etc.
Further more, the "congress" is an effort to maintain our breed in a 3 dimensional way. Not an easy case though but better to make efforts than to do nothing!! Still, the biggest effort is to breed aiming to maintain or more luckily improve the breed !!

Greetings from Finland again :)

2014-08-29 06:55, IP:, from Germany 11 positive reactions 1 negative
And so what? Do they or do we need the IDC to survive???

2014-08-29 00:12, IP:, from Italy 5 positive reactions 2 negative
I've heard that Serbia at IDC will be kicked out from IDC as member country. Does anybody know something ?

2014-08-28 10:41, IP:, from Greece 12 positive reactions 3 negative
Finland,you're so boring with your story..please stop!

2014-08-27 15:44, IP:, from Finland 5 positive reactions 5 negative
"Well, this is funny. The Finnish club is inviting Dobermann people for a dinner, the one that you will going to pay anyway, and all that via Serbian IP!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
Don't they have internet in Finland?
This is even more stupid than giving a green light to next year's IDC taking place in Finland!!!!!!!!
Just how many enthusiasts will be making such long and daunting trip to a totally irrelevant Dobermann country????????
Could this be because DV/IDC leadership wants to pay a visit to less visited country before they are gone forever? Is this a form custom tailored tourism or what?
Think about this after they throw you out of the ring and and just before you take your thousand miles trip back home with nothing in your hands.

Who in their right mind would ever take such a long trip to the show that has been fixed in advance?"

I think that those who will travel and compete at IDC in Finland will be far from irrelevant dobe-owners with guts to do the same that those scandinavians and for example russians, living in the same levels did, travelling to european countries to compete and to gain excellent placements in former IDC shows.

Welcome to Finland :)

2014-08-27 14:27, IP:, from Finland 2 positive reactions 1 negative
"She particitipates when she "knows" she's gonna win."

Is there no limit of your stupidity?
If you put in the results from Nordic Winner, Finnish and Norwegian Winner you will see the same dogs there.
Are the Swedish dobermanns still "way better"?

2014-08-27 00:19, IP:, from Finland 2 positive reactions 7 negative
Results of the Swedish Dobermann Winner 2014:


She particitipates when she "knows" she's gonna win.

2014-08-25 20:38, IP:, from Finland 15 positive reactions 1 negative
" The quality of the dogs is way higher already in Sweden because it's easier to travel from there."
Dumbest thing I have read..
Who won most classes and best breeder in Swedish Dob Special show?
Finnish Dogs!!!

2014-08-24 16:51, IP:, from United States 19 positive reactions 11 negative
Let me remind you that FOREVER comes to an end on 1Jan15

2014-08-24 13:15, IP:, from Serbia 17 positive reactions 11 negative

2014-08-23 22:58, IP:, from Finland 18 positive reactions 15 negative
As for the IDC 2015. You have to understand that neither Italy or Germany is in our backyard - we are in fact far away from Europe. The dobermann people, not even the breeders, know about the corruption, Pezzano, Wiblihauser or Becht. The ban for docking and cropping came as a total shock for the writers of the local dobie clubs magazine this spring. People don't even realize that the Finnish dobies are giraffes compared to the European ones. The quality of the dogs is way higher already in Sweden because it's easier to travel from there.

Finland is one of the least corrupted countries in the world meanwhile Italy is run by mafia and everybody knows it. What worries me more is that the breeder of Kriegerhoff is one of the organisers of the upcoming show.

2014-08-23 22:00, IP:, from Finland 2 positive reactions 15 negative
I liked the judge for males at WDS 2014. Did you see the video for champion males? He chose the dog that had better temperament. And he took his time while judging.
The ring secretary was a ducking mess though.

2014-08-23 17:48, IP:, from France 5 positive reactions 1 negative

That happen when a new ideea is leaded by old mentalities ! they killed the new chance of this breed .

Maybe wait and see who wins at the IDC that may answer your question ;)

2014-08-17 14:26, IP:, from Romania 8 positive reactions 1 negative my opinion the NEW era is only delayed , this system is ideological CASTSTRATED for forever and against nature . He can NOT survive !
You will see that.

Bye and all the best !
W. A .

2014-08-17 14:21, IP:, from Romania 10 positive reactions 1 negative

That happen when a new ideea is leaded by old mentalities ! they killed the new chance of this breed .

2014-08-12 19:07, IP:, from Italy 4 positive reactions 2 negative
Wow! Thanks Nikica

2014-08-12 14:43, IP:, from Serbia 14 positive reactions 1 negative
NO! Tahi-reme Max is alive and kicking.
His son Imax has recently died of stomach torsion. Perhaps you mixed the names, due to their similarity.

Nikica Uzleac
owner of Max

2014-08-12 12:02, IP:, from Italy 2 positive reactions 12 negative
Is true that Tahi Reme Max is dead???

2014-08-12 07:57, IP:, from Lithuania 12 positive reactions 2 negative
I am not a judge, if judge choosen him so he found something nice in this dog, but here on site you said things that not make respect to you.You said who most paid -win.Did owner say to you they paid to judge so dog won? Did you see they paid to judge? Or this normal practice for Italy to pay to judgies so low quality Italian dogs won on big shows and you think, if won not Italian dogs ,owners of dogs from another countries paid for won? Also I cannot say about quality of judge, but he was invited by Finnish Kennel Club.I don't think club will invite at this the biggest and prestige show judge without quality.
Why did you not come with your dog to this show, maybe you dog would win something also?But what I see from shows, Italian owners and breedes take dogs to shows only when at those shows Judgies will be from Italy( like in Sweden in 2008 when two judgies were from Italy so Italian dogs also were there).

2014-08-11 17:40, IP:, from Serbia 15 positive reactions 13 negative
Serbian and Russian dogs are the best, the truth hurts, but it is so ;) Also cropped and docked, as doberman should be. What is the problem???

This year you can go to your IDC Show, and again you can give titles to the people (mostly German and Italians, and to their servants - Hungary, Scandinavian countries, Macedonia and many others) not to the dogs and quality. Always have all enchanted with Serbian dogs, and always titles are getting your low quality dogs. This year will be a lot of titles for you, but unfortunately you will not see a Doberman.
You can grab the ears and play, so it says in Serbia ;)
Assholes :)))

2014-08-11 12:32, IP:, from Italy 21 positive reactions 1 negative
Lithuania, for you Pride of Russia Sidor is an dobermann or an big shar pei?

2014-08-09 16:35, IP:, from Lithuania 23 positive reactions 1 negative
2014-08-08 14:05, IP:,
is not a joke... these are incompetent, politic and not specialist judge, result? Who most pay win!!!

Italy ,
when Italian Judgies give tittles on IDC the most time poor Italian dogs are those compitent judgies??

2014-08-09 09:25, IP:, from United Kingdom 0 positive reactions 8 negative
UK Dobermann Breed Council

I felt it my duty on behalf of the Dobermann Breed Council (DBC) and its member clubs to make you aware of recent attempts to disrupt the working of the DBC and the work done for and on behalf of the Dobermann which has resulted with serious circumstances for the DBC.
At our March meeting the DBC Secretary Mrs L Wilkes made an audacious attempt to bar a member club from taking part in the meeting. Due to a previous precedent I over ruled this action which had been made without any prior consultation with myself had this been done it would have made my actions unnecessary and avoided an unpleasant situation.
We received two nominations for the AGM for the position of DBC Secretary Mrs L Wilkes and Mrs P Hart. When there is more than one nomination for a position the DBC rules provide for a ballot to take place prior to the AGM and each member club indicates to the DBC Secretary who they will be supporting then the successful candidate is informed prior to the AGM. On this occasion when sufficient votes had been received indicating who the successful candidate was the DBC Secretary Mrs L Wilkes and the Vice Chairman Mr N Morgan withdrew their intention to stand for re-election.
The DBC Secretary elect Mrs P Hart arranged by correspondence with the outgoing Secretary Mrs L Wilkes the handing over of the DBC records and property as per previous custom and practice, unfortunately Mrs Wilkes reneged on the arrangements made with Mrs Hart. She then sent some of the records to the Kennel Club who immediately on receipt sent these to the new DBC Secretary and as yet we have not received the outstanding items from Mrs Wilkes.
We then received letters of resignation with immediate effect from the South West Dobermann Club and the South East of England Dobermann Club effectively making the DBC in breach of its own rules with regards to being quorate, this left us with no alternative but to report this to the Kennel Club.
The Kennel Club have replied as follows:
The position was discussed in accordance with Kennel Club Regulation C2.d.(1), which states, “The General Committee will consider an application to form a Breed Council from the majority of the registered breed societies for a particular breed”, and Kennel Club RegulationC.2.(5),”The General Committee shall have the power to dissolve a Breed Council by giving notice to the secretary of the Council or secretaries of the constituent societies”.
The General Committee agreed that the Dobermann Breed Council was no longer viable and therefore agreed to de-register it with immediate effect. The Committee advised that it would expect any future application to form a Dobermann Breed Council to be submitted with the support of all the registered clubs for the breed.
This is a very sad day for the Dobermann in the UK surely the breed should come first and foremost above personal aspirations.

Sad day for all UK Dobermanns

2014-08-09 07:11, IP:, from Serbia 30 positive reactions 0 negative
And what you expect. When your judges give you a titles everything is ok. Now when you lost nobody is good enough for you. If you know who judge why you entry the show? Why you dont say anything about judging on aiad and idc. Italian dogs always win because Pezzi say Italian must win and everybody say nothing. So shhhh!


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