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"M" LITTER, 1976 (Rondo v. Niddatal Olive Of Bamby's Pride): Marnix, Mohr
The second litter - by Rondo v. Niddatal and Olive - gave birth to Marnix.
"N" LITTER, 1976 (Guy's Hilo v. Norden Stam x Olive Of Bamby's Pride): Nimrod Hilo
Nimrod Hilo was born this year, too. After Don Dayan, he was the next significant milestone in the kennel's history. He was the only puppy in this litter. The sire was Guy's Hilo v. Norden Stamm (puppy of Bryan v. Forell), while the dam was Olive. Nimrod Hilo played an important role as the sire to the 'V' litter, which is to be the next milestone.
"O" LITTER, 1977 (Hassan v.Franckenhorst x Bryanstam's Joanja Jewel ): Odette
The year 1977 has brought Odette, a puppy of Hassan v. Franckenhorst and Bryanstam Joajna-Jewel.
"P" LITTER, 1977 (Bryan v. Forrel x Comtesse Charmaine v.Franckenhorst): Phaellas
The year 1977 has also brought Phaellas, puppy of Bryan v. Forell and Comtesse Chairman.
"R" LITTER, 1977 (Ringo Bingo v.Ellendonk x Olive Of Bamby's Pride): Ringo
Another litter came in 1977 bringing a puppy, Ringo v.Franckenhorst.
"S" LITTER, 1978 (Lothar v.Franckenhorst x Ira v.Franckenhorst): Salvador, Sabine
In 1978 arrived Salvador and Sabine, descendants of Lothar and Ira. Sabine is famous for being a vice world winner and an IDC Jugendsiegerin, and also the grandmother of Floijdt v. h. Savelsbos.
Sabine v.Franckenhorst
Sabine v.Franckenhorst
Salvador v.Franckenhorst
Salvador v.Franckenhorst

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