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"T" LITTER, 1979 (Phaellas v.Franckenhorst x Medina dei Piani di Praglia): Teuku Tamrin, Tamara, Tjieka
The new bitch purchased from Italy, Medina dei Piani di Praglia, was introduced in 1979. The dam to Medina was Della, and the sire was Ingo v. Forell, who represented the modern breed. Ingo belonged to an Italian, Maurizio Marchetti. Ingo's father was Chico v. Forell. Medina has been mated with Phaellas, which produced Tamara.
"U" LITTER, 1979 (Ero v.Franckenhorst x Ira v.Franckenhorst): Uri
Also in 1979 arrived Uri, son of Ero v. Franckenhorst and Ira v. Franckenhorst. Uri was the sire to Berus, Boran v. Pagodenburg. Berus was the sire to the subsequent 'I' litter (Ibis, Ilane ) and Andros v. Keltenring, whilst Boran to Hollenberg Armin.
"V" LITTER, 1980 (Nimrod Hilo v.Franckenhorst x Medina dei Piani di Praglia): Vitesse, Vivien, Vilja, Vincent
Vitesse v.FranckenhorstThe year 1980 has brought the 'V' litter (Vivre Vivien, Vitesse, Vincent, Vilja), offspring of Nimrod Hilo and Medina, that opened a new chapter in the kennel's history. Vivre Vivien stayed with Sonja and gave birth to world winner Golda and Guido. Vitesse became the bitch to the v. Harro's Berg kennel and mother of world winner Baron Bryan v. Harro's Berg and Arrow v. Harro's Berg. Vincent's puppy was the mother of world winner Fela v. Franckenhors, while Vilja went to the des Landrys kennel in France.

Vivre Vivien v.Franckenhorst

Vivre Vivien v.Franckenhorst
"W" LITTER, 1981 (Gunthersorst Condor x Medina dei Piani di Praglia): Welda, Wendy
The mating of Guntherforst Condor and Medina dei Piani di Praglia resulted in the 'W' litter, with Welda and Wendy in it.
"Z" LITTER, 1981 (Salvador v. Franckenhorst x Helga del Bosco Giano): Zillah Zygane
The next litter in 1981 was Zillah Zygane v. Franckenhorst, offspring of Salvador v. Franckenhorst and Helga del Bosco Giano.

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