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"S" LITTER, 1989 (Helonn v. Franckenhorst x Gigi Gishlaine v. Franckenhorst): Sir Harold, Sela, Sierra
The third litter of the year was the offspring of Helonn and Gigi: Sir Harold, Sela, Sierra.
"T" LITTER, 1990 (Marienburg's Ren Bow's Rasputin x Golda): Tittus,Thiras,Talitha, Tara,Tiara,Topaz
In 1990, Golda has been mated with Marienburg’s Ren Bow Rasputin. Talitha and Titus lived in Italy and belonged to Aldo D’Anna. Talitha's puppies were Aida and Rufus di Prisconte; Titus' puppies were Cabiria del Palatino and Mathilde della Fortezza Vecchia.
Thiras v.FranckenhorstThiras v.Franckenhorst
Thiras v.Franckenhorst
"U" LITTER, 1990 (Ilane v. Franckenhorst x Medina dei Piani di Praglia): Udo
In 1990 from combination of Medina and Ilane, Udo was whelped.
"V" LITTER, 1991 (Ilane v. Franckenhorst x Marienburg's Irana): Vaya
Vaya was born in 1991; she is the mother of Vysan v hof ter Eeckhout (the successful stud dog of our days), Orsa, Sultan and Vyara van hof ter Eeckhou.
"W" LITTER, 1991 (Marienburg's Dark Daimler x Golda v. Franckenhorst): Winsor
Also in 1991, Golda was mated with Marienburg's Dark Daimler and gave birth to Winsor.

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