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"C" LITTER, 1993 (Fela v. Franckenhorst x Nursa v. Franckenhorst): Comtesse Chloe, Count Chevy
Later this year the 'C' litter was born: the famous Comtesse Chloe and Count Chevy. The stud dog was Fela, the bitch was Nursa. Chloe 's puppies are Vienna, Vitalia and Yella v d Doberhoeve. Count Chevy produced Quinn and Quanny di Camugliano.
"E" LITTER, 1994 (Floijdt v.h. Savelsbos x Zari v.Franckenhorst): Elsa, Evita
1994 brings a litter that is repeated later on. Floijdt v h Savelsbos was the sire and Zari v Franckenhorst was the dam. Elsa and Evita went to Italy. The same mating took place the second time in 1995.
Comtesse Chloe v.Franckenhorst
Comtesse Chloe v.Franckenhorst
"G" LITTER, 1995 (Floijdt v.h. Savelsbos x Zari): Grazia, Graf Gullit, Grafin Goldie, Gad, Guna, Gila, Galigai
Guna went to the Tahi reme kennel of Hungary; Gad went Yugoslavia and Galigai to France.
"H" LITTER, 1995 (Dexter v.Franckenhorst x Ziggy v.Franckenhorst): Higgins
The 'H' litter is offspring of beloved Dexter and Ziggy with a pup named Higgins in it.

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