Dea Dolores v Francenhorst
Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst
rs. V.Knijff-Dennout agreed with me and we visited Mr. S.David Franquemont. Together with her we made our choice (we did not have the first but the second pick in the litter). Still I am very thankful to Mrs. S.David Franquemont for letting me have such a wonderful puppy like Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst. A beautiful bitch which became an excellent show dog and later an excellent brood bitch as well but above all she became the one who polished the "van Neerlands Stam" kennel and gave her a lift up in their breeding program. Dea became a famous bitch in the show world. She won the European Sieger title, the Bundessieger title and she got her International, Dutch and German Champion title. She was a very armonious and pleasing bitch with much alertness and temperament. She passed her ZTP with the highest score and (passed her IPO II exam with a very good result) she was the bitch which whelped the "Q" litter of the "van Neerlands Stam" kennel existing out of three black Dobermann pups: two males and one female, born on the 15th of September 1987.

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