Hetrog Alpha le Dobry
Hertog Alpha Le Dobry
he sire of this litter was the famous stud dog Hertog Alpha Le Dobry. He was the sire of many outstanding specimen and of numerous Champions and sieger Dogs. He was a significant force for the breed in all parts over Europe and without any doubt he raised the mean level of the breed. So he certainly earned his place in the hall of fame. His hereditary powers were clear. He was strongly carrying the bloodlines of great producers like Don Dayan v. Franckenhorst and Bryan v. Forell. Besides, just like in Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst pedigree, we also find the same triangle with Odin v. Forell - Bryan von Forell and Chico v. Forell in Hertog Alpha's pedigree besides supplied with some Forstenfeld blood out of the line of his dam Tanja v.d. Kunnemabourgh. Although he won the Dutch Winner title in 1981 Hertog Alpha never won any important show title. But on the workingfield he got his best results. His temperament was
excellent and he was a dog with very high fighting and protecting spirit combined with courage and hardness. He passed easily his Schutzhund III exam and won many working trails. In 1985 he passed the "Korung" with Class I A for life. It was this male which I choose to became the sire of my "Q" litter.The reason was not only because of his more than excellent offspring but above all I was convinced that his bloodlines would strengthen the lines of Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst. It would give me pups which I could use for my ultimate goal: refreshing the old "v. Neerlands Stam" lines by doubling up that triangle that brought so much success to the breed in the past. Now afterwards I can say it worked!.

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