Article by Mr. J.M v.d. Zwan

Graaf Quinto v. Neerlands Stam

Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam
The sire of Gravin Wanda was the impressive black male Graaf Quinto v. Neerlands Stam a full brother of the well-known Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam. A male who was unbeatable in his youth and also had fantastic bloodlines. In him and his brother we find the doubling up of the great trio Odin, Bryan and Chico v. Forell. A trio that brought so many good things to the breed in the past.

Gravin Wanda's dam, Gravin Hera v.Neerlands Stam came from an incestuous mating between Graaf Aristo v. Neerlands Stam and Gravin Aranka v. Neerlands Stam. She was never shown and I bought her back when I took over the kennel in 1988. She was a bitch who was carrying the old famous v. Neerlands Starm bloodlines which through the dam's line go directly back to Gravin Diana Neerlands Stam, the foundation bitch of the kennel (1942). In her line we find old German and old Dutch bloodlines. Bloodiines of the old stud dogs who had almost disappeared from the pedigrees of the modem Champion and Sieger dogs.

Gravin Hera v.Neerlands Stam

Graaf Aristo v. Neerlands Stam

Gravin Aranka v. Neerlands Stam
So the pedigree of Gravin Wanda was a mixture of the old bloodlines from the past and the modern bloodlines represented through the strong influence of the v. Franckenhorst kennel based on the v. Forell kennel. It was also an attempt to refresh the old v. Neerlands Stam bloodlines and to combine the rough with the smooth. If we look now at the results we can say with hindsight that It worked.

Gravin Wanda became an excellent representative of the new generation in the van Neerlands Stam kennel. She was a tall black bitch with a wonderful presence. She had almost perfect body and a very nice head. I feel that she could have had a stronger bone structure and a stronger underjaw. Her movement was out of this world. Her character was correct with good drives and a strong protective instinct.

Her most successful year was 1991, in that year she won at the Dutch and at the French Dobermann Shows, became World Champion and was best Dobermann, self bred dog and best bitch among all breeds in Holland. A black spot on her record was missing the Bundessieger title in 1990. The judge Mr. Striby was not allowed by the German authorities, to give her the title for unknown reasons, although she was the best bitch in show with all the necessary papers. In that year there was no black Bundessiegerin.

Gravin Hera v.Neerlands Stam

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