Borana Carmen Sawages
Borana Carmen Sawages
Bea Casandra Sawages
Bea Casandra Sawages
Brayan Sawages
Brayan Sawages 9 years odl on the photos

Gala Sawages

Gea Sawages
(Bryan Royal Bell x Heidy)

Heidy's first litter for "Sawages" kennel was in 1991 with her half brother on the mother's side, Bryan Royal Bell (Ido Isaac van Diaspora x Karmel Kesia van Diaspora).

(Graaf Festus van Neerlands Stam x Heidy)

In 1993 came her second litter with Graaf Festus v.Neederlands Stamm, all puppies were black. Interest for them was increasing so two females were sold to good connoisseurs of the breed: Borana Carmen Sawages got in "Renewal" kennel, and Bea Casandra Sawages went to "Tanderberg" kennel. The best male Bronco had stayed in his native kennel. These three dogs became very famous at the shows. They were all of the same type: long heads, clear lines, proper angles, dry, elegant and strong.

(Graaf Guido v. Franckenhorst x Heidy)

For her next maing Heidy was taken to Guido in Germany. Eight black puppies came into the world, this time only two males - Vento and Valdo Sawages. Valdo was sold to Uros Vajic from Belgrade, owner of "Vajic Stamm" kennel and the other to Slobodan Maksimovic, the owner of "Betelges" kennel, with his sister Vanja Sawages.

"G" Litter
(Gamon di Campovalano x Heidy)

The forth Heidy's litter is most equable judging by the dogs' quality and the numerous titles that they earned. Father of "G" litter is famous Gamon di Campovalano. Like the previous, this litter was numerous too: 3 black males, 3 black females and 3 brown males. Two black females: Gea and Gala Sawages went to the kennel "di Motta Visconti". The third one, Ginga, went to Stevica Velickovic and his kennel "Ginga House". All three females showed to be good in ring.

(Gad v. Hranckenhorst x Heidy)

This litter was ill fated - although it gave many puppies only two survived: one black male and black female - Esmeralda. Despite the fact that she hasn't been on many shows she holds the title of junior class winner and BOB.

(Irinus de Ferignis x Heidy)

Maybe due to Heidy's age (she was 7 years old) or miscalculated mating term only 5 puppies were born. Two black and one brown puppy survived.

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