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 Article by Miriam Meazza
The year 2001 has been full of important shows during which all breeders and dobermann lovers have been able to see some new and important champions of the future and at the same time had a chance to admire the total consecration of some well known subjects. The most awaited dobermann event, IDC Show, has took place in Paris. Once again it has shown how Italy has become the true guidance nation for all dobermann breeders in the beginning of the new millennium.  

In fact, besides winning 4 IDC titles the Italian dobermanns have become protagonist of a truly historical fact: the 8 IDC winners elected for 2001 have all fathers from Italian kennels.

Who are the craftsmen of this success?

Now we can try to know them better and to discover what other resorts are hidden in Italian kennels.

Without any doubt, the one thing that will be remembered as a symbol of the 2001 edition of IDC was a black male who doesn't need any introduction: Gino Gomez Del Citone (Astor del Citone x CH.Arielle d'Amour del Citone).
Gino Gomez del Citone
SCHHIII, FH - Ztp 1 A ,
Angekort 1 A
Astor del Citone
Astor del Citone
HD 1, 1A V
Arielle d`Amour del Citone
Arielle d`Amour del Citone
Promessa AIAD'95, IDCJSG '95, BDJSG '95, VDH EUROSG '95, WeltSG '96, DVSG '96, BDSG'96, IDCSG '96,. AIADSG '97
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