The kennel's Hilo descendants, the multi-Siegerin and multi-Champion Kalina v. Norden Stamm, Sch.H. 3, HIT, ZTP V1A, etc. and multi-Champion and multi-Siegerin Mia v. Norden Stamm, Sch.H. 3, IPO 3,FH, ZTP SG1A, etc. are two of the most titled Dobermanns in the history of the breed.Kalina is also the most titled Dobermann ever to be imported into the USA. Since 1968 the Norden Stamm kennel has consistently bred reproductive, conformation, National Champions, Sieger and Winner dogs, and working champions for breeders and fanciers in 29 countries on 5 Continents (including co-breeding the 1990 DPCA Reserve USA National Champion). Just during the Ninties alone, ten different Norden Stamm dogs won eighteen different National Champion, Sieger, National Specialty and Winner titles in eight different countries ! And also during the Ninties, thirty two dogs with a Norden Stamm parent won fifty-five different National Champion, Sieger, National Specialty or Winner titles in eleven different countries. The Norden Stamm dogs are highly prized, not only for their proven powers of hereditary transmission, but also for their reliable working ability a result of using generations of leading European dogs combined with the fact that both Alison and Jens Kollenberg are hands-on trainers, Schutzhund competitors, and also Schutzhund judges. One merely need look behind the vast majority of the modernwinners with European blood today and you will invariably find a Norden Stamm dog there, irrespective of country. In fact, there is hardly a Dobermann kennel in the world incorporating European lines that has not benefited to some degree or other from this kennel's breeding excellence. And what makes this far-reaching influence all the more remarkable is the relatively small numbers of Dobermanns involved. The Norden Stamm kennel has only bred 60+ litters in 35 years.
Kalina v. Norden Stamm     Kalina vom Norden Stamm
    (Ch. & Sieger Ebo v.d. Groote Maat, SchH1 x
     Ch. & Siegerin Alida v. Flandrischen Loewen      SchH3 FH)
               Kalina is Multi-Champion,
               1987 Bundessiegerin,
               1987 IDC Siegerin,
               1988 European Siegerin,
               1988 DV Specialty Siegerin,
               1989 World Siegerin,
               1989 Landes Sieger Nord,
               multi-BOB/BIS, SchH3, AD,
               multi-High In Trial, multi-High                Protection,
               Police Civil Commendated
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