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he fact that Hertog Alpha v. Le Dobry dominated the Dobermann breeding in the Eighties and his sons throughout the Ninties created a genetic monopoly that had many breeders anxiously seeking after alternate sires who could offer a quality outcross to counter-balance a looming genetic implosion in an already limited gene pool. The most successful of these „Alpha free“ sires was unquestionably Prinz v. Norden Stamm/1988 (Quinn dei Nobili Nati x Kastra v. Norden Stamm). Born on the 27th. October, 1988 in Kiebitzreihe, Germany, Prinz was one of only two males in an all black litter of eight puppies, the majority of which were exported, including his brother Phoenix (Sch.H. 3, CD, D-CD, FH, TD, WAC), who went to the American, Sue Kelly-Walsh. According to his breeders, Jens and Alison Kollenberg, Prinz was a unanimous litter pick for the visitors, his quality standing out at a very early age. He was also the puppy selected by Margarita and Franco Buzzi, the owners and breeders of his sire, Quinn. They had arranged for him to go to their friends, Roberto and Pier Luisa Zone, in Italy. Unfortunately, Roberto encountered a tragic death in a car accident at the end of 1989, after which Prinz remained with Pier Luisa. Prinz v.Norden Stamm
Prinz vom Norden Stamm

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