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These superlative genetics of German, Italian and Dutch breeding were all brought together in the German-bred Prinz v. Norden Stamm - a virtual outcross product. Conformation-wise, he didn‘t particularly favour any of his immediate forebears. He was more a genetic blender – an attractive animal of understated, even unremarkable proportions. No one part distracted from the other.

Harmony of form is part and parcel of a correctly built Dobermann.  In many countries today the Dobermann is too often a dog of extremes.  In the USA the term elegance has almost become synoymous with a widespread degeneration of bone and substance. And too often in the USA correct working character remains an undefined mystery to the bulk of its Dobermann breeders. Nor do nearly enough European breeders concern themselves with understanding character and working ability either. Leaning on the ministrations of professional trainers and the sport of Schutzhund to assume their responsibility for them. People don‘t miss what they never use and breeders can’t select without a concept of what they are selecting for and access to a test platform to make their evaluations from.

Europe has its own defeciencies to worry about; dogs with overbuilt chest proportions (front heavy), or undersquare, almost Boxer-like bodies. As in the USA far too many oversized European dogs are winning their classes, and also dogs whose front and rear angulation is totally out of balance. Internationally seen though, correct breed type is probably most threatened by the predominence of straight shoulders and upper arms.

When any single physical feature jumps out at the observer, then that dog is out of proportion and out of type.  Just as a dog that is out of balance in its drives is impossible to develop into a fully rounded working animal, faddish extremes of conformation is also not conducive to achieving a functional, effective, well balanced Breed Type. Aptly summed up in the words of Mark Twain when he wrote, moderation in everything, including moderation.

Beautiful, long, chiseled heads are a hallmark of this most noble of canine breeds, and true to Prinz‘s family inheritence, his own head is a crowning feature. Masculine, wedge shaped with a powerful muzzle that is well filled under the eyes, a classic expression. Conformation wise his neck is dry, arched and strong, flowing smoothly into a lovely high wither and a firm enough backline. He is a dog of medium size and medium strength. The croup was long, but slightly rolled, a legacy from both his sire and his granddam, Alida.. His forechest and depth of chest were moderate and harmonious. His underline was long and well shaped, with a correct tuck-up that is often missing in descendants of Alva v. Franckenhorst. His shoulder angulation was well laid, but the upper arm could have been longer and much better angulated. The rear was sufficently angulated, broad and well muscled. Tight, cat feet, dark eyes and clean, rich markings put the finishing touches to the optical overview.

Prized for the depth of quality found in his pedigree as much as for his individual phenotype, Prinz probably produced his best progeny most consistently from bitches who supported his own blood. A product of an outcross himself, his own outcross matings could actually be quite patchy, depending on the individual quality and genetic dominence of the bitch involved

Hertog Alpha Le Dobry
Hertog Alpha Le Dobry

Character wise Prinz is and has the right background to produce firm, clear-headed, highly energetic high-prey offspring – dogs with plenty of can-do attitude. In this regard he not only offered a viable supporting role alongside the genetic dominence of Hertog Alpha Le Dobry/1979 (Don Dayan v. Franckenhorst x Tanja v.d. Kunnemaborough) in the showrings, but also provided an timely alternative to counterbalance the high incidence of assorted character problems also attributed to Alpha, and far too many of Alpha‘s descendants. It has crossed my mind many times that what Alpha and his children gave the breed in conformation, all too often got taken away in the character. Consider the inordinate number of his descendants, many from good character bitches, that are either too soft and insecure, low drive, handler agressive &/or nervous. A whole gambit of unwanted, oft debillitating mental defects that have become all too commonly associated with dogs coming from this bloodline.

And although no one stud dog could possibly compete with the all-encompassing genetic monopoly exerted by Alpha and his many successful sons and grandsons the last two decades, Prinz was certainly a right dog on the right spot at the right moment to lighten things up a bit. Influencing more from behind the scenes, he successfully took the breed a step towards achieving a better balanced Dobermann.

Kept basically as a family pet precludes any possiblity of sensibly evaluating any sort of a serious working career. He left home only long enough to do his Sch.H. 2 and the obligatory ZTP, passing with V1A. He then attended conformation shows to became an international and Italian Champion, also wining the AIAD (Italian Dobermann Specialty Show) Sieger title. Later he made a small encore when he won Best Veteran at the same event. Otherwise he has maintained a fairly low profile, and yet has been quite the quiet achiever. Look around and today his winning progeny and their descendants inhabit the four corners of the earth. Amongst them many champions and illustrious Siegers and Siegerins.

Alfa Adelante del Citone
Alfa Adelante del Citone

Unfortunately prostrate problems as he aged meant Prinz has missed settling some premier bitches the last years. A tragedy, coming at a time when the breed sorely needs fresh new super sires with the individual quality, character and depth of pedigree neccessary to take the it forward into the next decade. So far his brown Italian–bred son, the multi-Sieger Alfa Adelante del Citone/1994 (Prinz x Tequila Mali del Citone) has proven the most prepotent propagator of his blood, consistently producing type and quality in his offspring.

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