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Kastra v. Norden Stamm
Kastra v. Norden Stamm
Prinz's dam also came from a blue ribbon line. His mother was the black Kastra v. Norden Stamm/1985 (Ebo v.d. Groote Maat x Alida v. Flandrischen Löwen), Sch.H. 3, Angekört. History shows the females in the "K" litter vom Norden Stamm have had an enormous impact on the development of the breed in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Not only over the last decade but still today recods show a high proportion of the Sieger and Siegerins have them in their immediate pedigrees.

NB: The 1998 DV Sieger show is one typical example, with 5 of the 8 Sieger title winners being either children or grandchildren, and in some instances, great grandchildren of the "K" litter v. Norden Stamm

The German-bred Kastra shared many similarities to Quinn; the dryness, a beautiful head, long neck and a fiery, combative attitude. i.e.: She was Sch.H. 3, Angekört, Landesgruppe (State) Leistungsieger in 1990. Although Kastra was not the most prestigious bitch ever to visit Quinn, she certainly proved to be most significant to the breed, and also to ensuring Quinn's own genetic future.
Kastra was a well built "V" rated bitch, with an excellent shoulder and upper arm angulation. She was only sufficiently angulated in the rear. Her back was long although firm, with a perfect croup. She had very strong bones, rich colours and dark eyes. She was slightly low set - short leggedness being a legacy of both Alva v. Franckenhorst (found on her sire line) and of Ali v. Langenhorst (on her dam´s side) - a trait often resurfacing from the Ellendonk dam line behind Ali v. Langenhorst.

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