Tequila Mali del Citone was bred by the well known Italian Dobermann judge and breeder Dr. Pierluigi Pezzano. For me he proved with breeding Tequila that he was not only a great dobermann expert (I already knew that he had a great knowledge of the dobermann and we were always convinced that he was one of the best dobermann judges in the Dobermann world) but also a great breeder. Strictly speaking Tequila was an out-cross but if you take a look at her pedigree you can see that Tequila was built up carefully by her breeder by choosing the right males each time for the bitches of his own "del Citone" bloodlines. In other words, he knew exactly the faults of his bitches and what they needed to improve. Breeding like this is the hall mark of the true expert.

The bitch Cita, a daughter of Cito di Villa Castelli was mated by male Elisir di Campovalano. an incestuous product of Cito and Caienna di Villa Castelli. This combination was strong inbreeding to the red male Aldo v. Ferrolheim. Aido was strongly underrated in his homeland by the Dutch breeders but appreciated by many Italian breders. In Aido's bloodlines we find a strong influence of the v.Forell blood (Rondo, Hella, Bonni and Chico v. Forell). Out of this combination (Cita - Aido) came Bundessiegerin and Multi-Champion Alfa del Citone. She was a very well built bitch with a long head, good parallel head planes, a long reachy neck, deep chest, strong bones, though a little bit long in the back. She had a nice character but she needed more drive and was a little bit too soft. Dr. P.Pezzano chose for this bitch Ebo v.d. Groote Maat. A red male with a dominant character tough but outgoing and extremely energetic. He was fearless with a high degree of selfconfidence and protective instinct. On the conformation side he was a short, strongly built male showing a special harmony of body and mind, certainly the right male for Alfa del Citone. Out of that combination came Haina del Citone, a bitch with a beautiful strong head, perfect shoulders, wonderful strong bones, an enormous chest and a lot of substance. Again the right male was found in the elegant Lucifer v. Roveline. He brought style and Adel into the bloodline and also some Hertog Alpha Ie Dobry blood. The result was called Tequila Mali del Citone.

She dominated the Showring in 1992, 1993 and 1994. She was best bitch at the German, Belgium and Italian Championship Shows. She was IDC, DV and Bundessiegerin. She was a Multi-Champion bitch and in 1994 she gained the World Champion title at Berne. She had an excellent character and passed the Schutzhund 1 Test and the ZTP with lA Excellent. She never failed to charm, impress and bedazzle an ever widening circle of admirers. The only criticism I have heard was concerning her eye shape and that was by her breeder Dr. P.Pezzano (as I have said before great breeders know the faults of their own dogs.)

For the breed it is a catastrophe that she has had only two litters. One in combination with Prinz v. Norden Stamm and the other in combination with Holmrun Phabio of Marienburg.

Thank heavens that the first litter was a first class litter with dobes like Arielle d'Amour and Alfa Adelante del Citone. The bitch is a red incarnation of her mother and without any doubt she will be as famous as her mother. She has already won all the important Sieger titles, her Champion titles and of course like her mother she became World Champion in 1996 in Budapest. I really do hope that she will continue her success in the whelping box. She is certainly a bitch with great potential and while her mother Tequila is not able to pass on any more through her genes I am sure that Arielle d'Amour has such hereditary power that she will produce something great for the breed in the future.

About the second litter I unfortunately cannot inform you because I did not see any of those dogs till now.

In November 1996 Tequila was running along the perimeter fence outside kennel. Too much excitement and agitation caused a blood vessel to burst in her head. Within a few hours Tequila was dead. It was the end of the Queen of the Ring.

In my book "A Pictorial History", I wrote about her that to be able to breed such a wonderful animal is an art, to possess her is a privilege and to see her is a vision of heavens. If there is a heaven I am sure tbat Tequila Mali is there and she is fascinating and charming the angels and that from the moment she arrived I am sure God became a dobermann fancier.

I realize that this arlicle does not really do justice to Esmir, Gravin Wanda or Tequila Mali or their families but it is submitted by way of a small tribute to their individual contributions to the development of the breed. All three bitches influenced the breed in their own way and with their own qualities. Hopefully Dobermann lovers will remember them sometimes. Dobermanns - never die they just fade away.

Cito di Villa Castelli

Elisir di Campovalano

Caienna di Villa Castelli

Aldo v. Ferrolheim

Alfa del Citone

Lucifer v. Roveline

Prinz v. Norden Stamm

Arielle d'Amour del Citone

Alfa Adelante del Citone


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