Large, dry, very typey. Excellent quality. Feminine, expressive head, long neck,
excellent top line. Friendly nature”
, Jens Kollenberg (AUS) 3 May 2003

Elegant bitch, nice size, excellent type, nice balance, strong topiline, nice dark eye,
good expression, good mover”
, Ray Carlisle (USA) 30 May 2004

“Complete scissors bite, 2 1/2 years, beautiful by standard female. Beautiful construction
and balanced body lines, strong with elegance. Beautiful head with good expression,
stable and with good tone, excellent construction. Very good coat with good dark markings,
good movement”
, Jean Marc Speidel (FRA) - 15 May 2005

"Beautiful champion bitch, which would give up to title in almost all
countries at the world"
, L. Adeheimer (SWE) – 20 August 2005/

Aisha-Arisha – BOB and Estonian Dobermann Club Winner-2005 (judge- Jean Marc Speidel (FRA))

Aisha-Arisha – BOS and Latvian Dobermann Club Winner-2005 (judge- M. Dalgaard (DEN)

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