CAYA Jacinda
Come As You Are Jacinda, whelped: 11-Jan-2003
(CAYA Alabama x Ardens Gauguin)


  • CAC 03.12.2005 Wels Inge Eberstaller EX 1 CAC-A best brown female
  • CACIB 04.12.2005 Anna Titz EX 1 CAC-A and CACIB Reserve.
  • V1, Youth class winner in Luxembourg CACIB Show 2004; judge Mr. Jeff Luscott from England (March 2004)
  • Luxembourg Youth Champion
  • V1, CAC in Intermediate class in Luxembourg Trophy Show 2004; judge Mrs. J. Reschnar (Germany)
  • V1 in Intermediate class in biggest international show in France "CACIB Ilkirch/Strassbourg 2004" (judge Mr. Striby)
  • V1, CAC in Luxembourg - with this title Jacinda became Ch. of Luxembourg at only 19 months!
  • Champion of Luxembourg
  • V1, Champion class winner in great Mauvieres Championship 2005, France
  • V1 CAC-L Champion class, best brown female and Trophy winner 2005, Luxemburg Trophy show,Judge Furlani,Schweiz
  • EX 1, Youth Champion - CACIB Luxemburg, March 2004
    juge Mr.Jeff Luscott (England)
  • vv1, BOB puppy in youth dog throphy Belgium, May 2003
  • vv1 in Dobermann show Uitbergen May 2003, Belgium
  • vv4 puppy class with 21 entries in the class in
    Mavieres French dobermann show, June 2003
  • vv1 Baby thropy winner Luxenbourgh, July 2003
  • vv1 and BDCB puppy winster best puppy in show,
    dobermann club show Belgium, August 2003
  • vv,IDC Championship show in Bratislava, September 2003
  • VG1,Debutant class in Dobermann show Metz France, November 2003
Jacinda is born in the kennel "Come as you are" in Belgrade, Serbia with the care of her lovley breeders Daniela Fiala and Muris Hadzic, with whom she lived to her 12 weeks. Than she travelled to us, Sandra and Nico Kanthak, to Germany. Now she is living in our home with her three dobermann friends: Faustiona`s Xenon, Charming Calina Betelges and Ambiente des Fripons D`Ebene. All of them live in our house, eat, play and sleep together. Jacinda has a very friendly and open character, she is very nice to all animals, she loves to play with all pets.

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