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Storm Best of Island

Storm Best of Island
Storm Best of Island
, whelped 2005-01-02
(Eko Royal Bell x Kira Kalina Best of Island)
  • ODK Puppy club winner 05
  • CACIB Osijek-HR 05 young winner 05
  • CACIB Zagreb-HR 05 young winner 05
  • CACIBZagreb-HR 05 young winner 05
  • CACIB Ljubljana-SLO young winner 06
  • CACIB Tromosovlje-SLO young winner 06
  • Double winner Tulln-AUS 06
  • HD-A
  • PHTVL/PHPV-frei
  • IPO-1
  • ZTP(Croatia)

    Although she won in her class on allshows where she participated and made excellent result on worrk,we needed a new blood and we had to finish breeding plan whit the bitches we had at that time,and also because we wanted to keep quality of dogs in our kennel BEST of ISLAND we decided that Storm suould become breeding bitch,altmough earlier than we hoped.
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