Tessa Valjur Imidz
Tessa Valjur Imidz, whelped 28.02.1999
(Sathan di Latiano x Simona Regbis Star)
  • Euro Champion of Custom Drug Searching Dogs, Poland 07-13.09.2003
  • Champion of Latvia
  • Multi Young winner
  • Latvian Junior champion
  • HD - A (free)
  • PHTVL/PHPV- free
  • National test for breeding

    Tessa has very nice character, she has smooth temper, she is very open, obedient, friendly and sociable. Tessa has participated in many shows in Latvia, she has got titles of Latvian Junior Champion and Latvian Champion, but her main duty is sniffing! Tessa works for Latvian Customs as drug searching dog. Tessa is very active dog with hard drive, as working dog has to be. She has participated in 2 Championships of Customs drug-searching dogs and in 2003 she got the 1st place in individual competition. She was the best in sniffing and in obedience as well! Tessa’s previous litter (from Volvo Betelges) showed that lots of her qualities have inherited in her puppies - all of her puppies participating in dog shows has always got rating - Excellent (red ribbon) and not less!

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