Gravin Gabi z Padoku Our first doberman was excellent, brown female AZJA ANKRA. She gave us a lot of satisfaction in breeding, working and show fields. After she had passed away her son ALI VIGO stayed with us, but to continue breeding we had to have a new dobermann lady. Our choice was kennel "z Padoku" and this was how we got ZUZA, DAKAR and our superstar GRAVIN GABI. Gravin Gabi has stolen our hearts from the beginning. She is very open lady with a lot of energy. She requires a lot of long walks but because of it her muscles are strong and well developed, which is also a reason of her show successes. Gravin Gabi, at home called BUNIA, is also excellent working dog. She loves to retrieve her toy wherever we throw it, especially from water. She exactly knows she is a star so she is little pampered. Bunia sleeps with us in bed and loves to steel food from the table at which rest of our dobermanns help her with excitement. We have a hope that her future children, which we expect in December, will have her beauty, elegance and temperament.

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