Kentucky di Modello
Kentucky di Modello, whelped 2012-01-15
(Hero di Casa Fox x Kleopatra di Modello)


  • Romanian Champion
  • CACIB at Monaco Cacib, Show
  • HD-A, ED -0
  • PRA-free, RD-free, CEA-free
  • 6 x CAC, 2 x RCACIB, 3 x CACIB ,2 x BOB


  • KKL1A


  • We move in USA and they don't accept in our new flat the dog. I tried to keep him many times in France and not to sell because i love him so much. Kentucky is giant dobermann (82 cm) but very proportional dobermann. He is very elegant and very agile ( not fat only muscles). He gets the habit to run 15 km per day with me. He is socialized dobermann: indeed he can stay 1h during you do your shopping for example. He loves kids, cats, dogs, people (except if they try to dominate him: not possible). All his orders that he obeys: Sit down, lay down, up, Do the dead dog, Bark, Attack in leg, Attack in arms, Jump,
    Gard an object, Don't move, walk without leach in the street, don't cross the street alone, search the stealer in a villa and bark in front him, he can bite in civilian suite and professional suite.
    Anyway, sometimes i had many competitors dogs but very difficult to walk with him in the street, KENTUCKY IS A DOG OF STAR PEOPLE with a real protector dog for personal people and for your villa. I love my dog so i really want the best home for him. He is champion of beauty of course and working champion as well at the same time.