Working Ability With Good Conformation!

Unread postby jotunheim » Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:13 pm

Ronindobe wrote:What was Don Diego like Bitten? Did you see him at Korung 2008? And what is your phenotype critique??


He is a really nice / good looking male - no questions about that ... this is his pedigree: ... arten-Kern



- the ballance between Forell / Fürstenfeld - too much Forell in my opinion
- then there's very very high Franckenhorst influence - in my opinion

analyze his pedigree ...
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Unread postby Weinberge » Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:36 pm

jotunheim wrote:- the ballance between Forell / Fürstenfeld - too much Forell in my opinion

You understand.
The balance Forell/Furstenfeld is by long time and general in desequilibrum. And every day I saw breeders which presente and advertised on all ways more and more forell.

Finally it is " their choiced...their money ..their time and their decisions "..they are free to broken their necks (at proper mode and figurative ). Unfortunately they broken the neks and to other dobermann's bloodlines and refuse any advice and medium way (no matter the evidances) .

Like I said..that kind of breeders only Russian Roullete and the Ring /working field dominance will stop, if will stop .

Then..don't have sense to spend the time inutile.
For you Bitten is more good to wait and stay out.
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Unread postby Niro » Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:50 pm

js_finland wrote:
Niro wrote:I forgot to mention this dog - i believe in this one - Don Diego Harten Kern :D He look very good with strong bones and a strong head, very correct in type (i see him @ the IDC this year) and more important he did one of the best performances @ the Koerung 2008 with 1A :wink:

Niro (or anybody else) - did you see Don Diego in Körung two years ago? Naturally talented or well trained?
Are there any videos of this stud working? None at least on Youtube I suppose. On the other hand plenty of still pictures have been published, e.g. here:


Sry i have only seen him working (Koer) in video - but in show live :) Still i have a opinion about this.. I think he pass the Koerung cause of his natural traits and not cause of the training..

His "wesen" in the Koer was described/rated as very high in Courage, hardness & fighting drive, high in working drive and medium sharpness..

So in relation to this topic > "good looking dogs who can work" - Don Diego should be a natural choice - it is of course possible to find stronger work dogs (as Bitten's prefer) but they do not look that good - not that i have in my mind at least..

Like i said in my post - Don Diego are a powerful short medium size male with strong bones & strong short back.. good angulation, very good chest..First of all his headtype are much better than most work-dogs - could be a little longer - the scull are a little broad in relation to the muzzle but still excellent parralell, strong jaws and powerful - excellent male :D

I think his pedigree also include excellent dogs, he has the triangle Jivago - Nitro - Gino Gomez - present in his pedigree - a combination found in many many good looking dogs who can work.. But as Bitten say - it is maybe a little high inbreeding on certain dogs.. And be aware of the fact there are some DCM in his lines (brother of the mother died young of Cardio) Still very interesting pedigree - his father produce excellent character in his offspring.. Note that the brother and the sister of Don Diego also passed the Koerung.. :D :D

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Unread postby clarkant » Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:43 am

I like working dog !! :lol:
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