Alert! International Cheater of Dobermann!! real experience

Alert! International Cheater of Dobermann!! real experience

Unread postby bowendubin » Thu May 20, 2010 9:21 am

Alert! International Cheater of Dobermann!! My real experience.

I am a Chinese, a master of Dobermann doghouse, and was engaged in cultivation and training of Dobermann for a decade.

Last June I connect a inertmediary who come from Serbia, and ask him be a agency for me to buy a Dobermann.
Last July we came to an agreement for the bussiness, then i remited about 42 thousand Euros to him. And after received remittance he told me he has start transport and other things for me for that Dobermann.

And from then on i start the long long Wait and suffering.

Last August, i ask him how about the bussiness. He answer me that he was just come back from Canda. And will work for me later.
Last September, he told me that dog was ill, a bag piece grew on its knee and need cure.
Then two month passed, last December he told the master of the dog rejectd him and I will never got the dog. So i ask him refund to me.

This Feb, he ask me the bank account. And also told me remite to foreign was difficult in Serbia, he need went to other country to remite. And then long time wait.......
Some time ago, this April, he suddenly told me, the Police was catching him, and he will going to jail.................

I am a legitimate law-abiding operators, an 42 thousand Euros not a small number for me. So you can figure out the suffering of this period. I always wait his answer, waiting waiting... And countless call for him. From last september most of the calls are no answer that I dail to him and no replay for email.
My opinion he is a Cheater, and the way he used is to cunning too penetrated. At begining we have several buinesses with him, and 2007.5 he come to China and we have a agree that he help me buy dog. Who knows his aim is fool me for this time.

I have his contact here, his name and his photo. I'm not ready yet if I should publish this kind of information on internet. Please give me some advise. Thanks!

If you're reading my posts now,I hope you can take the initiative to contact me, because I will not stop here,I will use every means to safeguard my legitimate right.


Unread postby bowendubin » Tue May 25, 2010 5:22 am

nobody can help me?

i need continue wait or post the information of that guy?

Unread postby iceman » Tue May 25, 2010 7:27 am

Excuse me but are you for real?? :shock:
If you were serious enough to invest €42 thousand in a dog,wouldn't it have been wiser to travel to Serbia or whatever country and see the dog with your own eyes and meet the breeder face to face?
How can you trust a stranger with €42 thousand?
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