Importen news

Importen news

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I call your attention to this important notice below regarding research into Doberman diseases - if you think you can help, PLEASE, make this a priority!!

Please pass this on to anyone and everyone you know with an affected Dobe - the lives of our present and future Dobes depend on it!!



Mars Martin
SND President


June 8, 2010


Samples from Dobermans diagnosed with cancer, cardiomyopathy and/or wobblers are needed NOW for a new, well funded research program pursuing genetic markers for these diseases. There is NO COST to owners for submitting samples and ALL SAMPLES WILL REMAIN COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS.

The past year has witnessed remarkable advances in canine genetics including the launch of new molecular tools for elucidating the complete genetic code of an individual dog. Scientists at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), in collaboration with those at the Van Andel Research Institute (VARI), are employing these advances to accelerate research into the basis of devastating diseases affecting both canines and humans.

There is presently seven figure funding, technological infrastructure and collective expertise to enable the rapid completion of canine genetic research projects in a matter of months as opposed to years. TGen/VARI have requested samples to pursue study of Doberman breed associated 1) cancer, 2) cardiomyopathy and 3) wobblers. IF sufficient numbers of DNA samples from affected Dobermans are received, initial results of research may be reported as early as at this year's National.

***You will be mailed a saliva collection kit free of charge to whatever address you indicate. The kit will include a postage pre-paid envelope for you to return the sample in. The saliva collection process takes less than 3 minutes, is painless, and can be done in the privacy of your own home- no vet visit/trip required.***

For EACH of these 3 conditions a minimum of 40 samples are needed- that is 40 Dobermans diagnosed with each disease. If the Institutes receive 40 or more samples from Dobermans with each condition, they will use them to pursue scientific evaluation of the underlying biology and genetic bases of these diseases. **At this time in our established Doberman DNA blood bank, there are only 2 dogs reporting wobblers and 7 reporting DCM. THUS, THIS OPPORTUNE, WELL FUNDED RESEARCH CAN ONLY BE UNDERTAKEN IF MANY MORE SAMPLES FROM DOGS DIAGNOSED W/ EACH DISEASE ARE SUBMITTED.**

For each of the following types of cancer, 10 affected Dobermans each are needed to submit samples: lymphoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, melanoma and malignant histiocystosis.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for the Doberman Pinscher community to step up and help researchers address major health problems in our breed. Dr. Mark Neff (TGen/VARI) is on schedule to speak this October at National. He indicates he would be particularly enthused if he could present some successful findings on one or more breed associated diseases at that time.

We all KNOW there are more than 40 Dobermans afflicted with each of these diseases out there. The greater the number of specimens received, the greater the accuracy of research findings.

Please let's avail ourselves of these cutting edge research programs toward improving the health of our breed- the funds will not be there forever! PLEASE, take a few minutes to participate *For the Love of Dobermans*!!

For saliva submission kits (+/- info. on submitting blood), please contact with the number of kits you need, your mailing address and phone:
DNA Collections c/o Elissa Boguslawski

Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you very much,
Kathy Davieds DVM


1. Occult OR actual clinically affected DCM dogs are both needed, simply note which stage your dog is in on the form they send you.

2. If you already donated your dog's blood to the DNA blood bank but at that time your dog was not diagnosed with any of these diseases but now is, you need to contact Eddie Dzuik with OFA (that maintains the samples/info.) at and update that information. If this
is the case, I'd also suggest contacting Elissa and letting her know you've done this w/ your dog's previously banked blood so she will know to access your dog's blood sample for this research. Because there are so many dogs in the DNA blood bank not reported as diagnosed with any of these conditions, AT THIS TIME the researchers do not need samples from *healthy*
dogs. If that changes in the future I will certainly post.

Thank you to EVERYONE for submitting samples!!! This sure is a no brainer, free, painless,
confidential, and highly motivated researchers with excellent funding, interested in several Doberman diseases!

1. Blood samples are also very desirable from dogs diagnosed with any of the above conditions (desirable but not required). If you are willing to take the extra step of providing a blood sample from your dog, the Institutes will reimburse your veterinarian $10 for the blood draw procedure AND provide you with a FedEx account number to completely cover the cost of shipping the sample in. Simply indicate when you contact Elissa that you need the info. on how to submit a blood sample.

2. Dogs diagnosed with more than one of these diseases ARE eligible to participate; owners should simply note this on the submission form. Also, if your dog has other health issues besides these three conditions they too can participate.

***COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL (switched over into code upon receipt at lab)


From: "Kathy Davieds" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2010 2:58 PM
To: <>
Subject: answers to questions re: research sample submissions

> Some good questions have arisen re: sample submission for research on
> cancer, DCM and wobblers in Dobermans. Following are answers. Thanks
> EVERYONE for asking and stepping up to participate!
> First, for those who tried clicking on Elissa's info. to contact her, that
> apparently takes you to a site that tells you you need to set up a Yahoo
> account etc. Do NOT click on it but rather type her email address into the
> *To* line of a new email, and it will go directly to her.
> Q: *My dog was diagnosed with cancer *X* several years ago, had surgery
> and it has not recurred. Do they want a sample from him/her?*
> A: Definitely yes! A dog does not have to currently have active cancer,
> they can be in remission for any length of time post surgery and/or
> chemotherapy. A sample is still desired.
> Q: *My dog was diagnosed with wobblers without any Xrays/MRIs etc., by
> neurologist/orthopedic surgeon/just my regular veterinarian based on
> symptoms. Do they want a sample from him/her?*
> A: Yes! It might be good to indicate this on the submission form but most
> of these cases are believed to represent actual wobblers, perhaps at
> different stages, and the researchers DO want samples from these dogs.
> For vets who have generously offered to draw blood samples for free and
> support this research:
> *We need 3 mls of whole blood in an EDTA tube.
> If they are willing, it's great when a vet can batch the samples and send
> them to us once a week or so. It's easier for the owners and helps to save
> on shipping costs overall.*
> A quick reference guide for veterinarians is to follow by email
> attachment, and I will fwd this to any interested veterinarian- thank you
> one and all!
> Kathy Davieds DVM
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Unread postby Ronindobe » Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:04 pm

:D Excellent! We need this type of directed breed research!! Mars you are Danish? Please PM me your email.
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