From October to December 2008 Armani will be in Paris
Contact information in French and English: Monsieur Laurent +33633117443

Armani Dente del Gigante
Armani Dente del Gigante, whelped 2000-03-28
(Baron Nike Renewal x Ines Cobra)
  • International champion
  • Champion of Finland
  • Nordic Champion
  • Portugal champion
  • Swedish Champion
  • Finish Champion
  • Danish champion
  • Yugoslavian champion
  • Yugoslavian Youth champion
  • Bulgarian champion
  • Candidate for Spanish champion
  • Candidate for Bosnian Champion
  • Candidate for Hungarian Champion

    Armani is available for mating and we can also send you frozen sperm

Work Health
  • IPO1
  • Korad
  • Artros classification fee
  • HD Free
  • PHTVL/PHPV classification Free
  • Rabies antibody vaccinated and blood result shows 2.81 I.U./mL


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