Conall Moravia Heart
Conall Moravia Heart at Skyjeaneey, whelped: 2005-07-05, here at 2.5 years
(Eria Pro Maestro Di Capella x Quartessa Quirra z Helfstyna)

  • Multi Champion
  • Champion of Luxemburg
  • Champion of Poland
  • Champion of Slovakia
  • Junior Champion of Slovakia
  • Junior Champion of Poland
  • Junior Slovakia National Winner 2006
  • Lithuania Puppy Winner 2006
  • Vilnius Cup Puppy Winner 2006
  • Vice Youth European Trophy Winner 2006
  • Vice Junior Winner Tulln CACA 2006
  • Best Breeding Pair Tulln 2006
  • Vice Junior Golden Dobermann Grand Prix Winner 2006
  • 2nd Best Breeding Pair Golden Dobermann Grand Prix 2006
  • started: Champion of Austria - Luxembourg and Interchampion
  • PT/PL BH
  • IPO 1
  • PT/PL (BH)
  • Cardio Clear (26.10.2006)
  • HD A
  • ED A
  • vwd clear
  • PHTVL / PHPV clear
  • Katarakt clear
  • PRA / CEAVER clear
  • Cardio Clear (march 2010)
Show results
  • EX1, CACL, CACIB, BEST MALE, BEST OPPOSITE SEX, 81st Luxemburg International Show
  • Ex1 CAC, Open Black Males CACIB Bratislava
  • Ex1, CACL, Open Black Males Luxemburg Trohpy Show
  • Ex1 CWC, Open Black Male Best Male, Best Opposite Sex, Bedzin CAC S Ex1 CAC, RCACIB, Intermediate Male Nitra CACIB
  • Ex1 CAC Open Male Senec Slovakia
  • Ex1 CAC Intermediate Male CACIB Danube Bratislava
  • Ex1 CAC Intermediate Male Banska Bysrica CAC
  • Ex1 CAC Intermediate Male International Dobermann Show Opole
  • Ex1 CAC Intermediate Male 2nd National Dobermann Show Bedzin
  • Ex1 CWC Intermediate Males 2nd International Dobermann Show Bedzin Poland
  • Ex2 ResCAC Intermediate Males Special Dobermann Show Slovakia Dob.Club
  • Ex2 Res CACL Intermediate Males Luxemburg International Dog Show
  • Ex2 ResCAC Intermediate Males Nitra CACIB
  • Ex2 Youth Black Males European Dobermann Trophy Show
  • SG Youth Black Males IDC Hungary
  • Ex Junior Males World Dog Show Poznan
  • Ex 1 Junior Winner CWC Raciborz
  • Ex1 CAJC, Junior Winner CAC Senec
  • Ex1 CAJC, Junior Winner CACIB Nitra
  • Ex 1 Junior Winner CAC Bytom
  • Ex 1 Junior Winner Opole CACIB
  • Ex 1 CACJ Junior Winner Banska Bystrica
  • Ex2 Junior Males Golden Dobermann Grand Prix
  • Ex 2 Junior Males Tulln Winner
  • Ex2 Junior Males Wroclaw CACIB
  • Best Puppy in Breed Lithuanian Winner CACIB Show Lithuania
  • Best Puppy in Breed Vilnius Cup CACIB Show Vilnius
  • VP 1 Best baby male CACIB Show Nitra
  • VP 1 Best puppy male CACIB Show Trencín
  • VP 1 Best puppy male CACIB Show Katowice
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