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Findus Phoenix
Findus Phoenix
, whelped 2005-17-12
(Quandor Quentin Del Citone x Irinland Ulysses Uriah)
He is a tall and square-built dog (73 cm, 50 kg) with very strong bones, perfect angulations, correct colour, perfect and parallel headline, a correct underjaw, a long neck, and an enormous forchest. He is very friendly and gets along very well with all other dogs. He lives with us and our 3 children in our house near Cologne, Germany.


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  • 03.09.2006 CACIB Luxemburg, puppy, VP 3, judge: O. Zilli ( Italy )
  • 24.02.2007 National Show Rheinberg, youth, VG 2, reserve candidate for German youth champion (VDH), judge: E.Deutscher (Austria)
  • 29.07.2007 Luxemburg Trophy Show 2007, intermediate, Exc., judge: A.Titts (Russia)
  • 02.09.2007 75th International Dog Show Luxemburg, intermediate, Exc. Judge: N.Daube (Germany)
  • 27.07.2008 Luxemburg Trophy Show 2008, working class, Exc.3, judge: L.Mach (Switzerland)
  • 19.07.2009 Luxemburg Trophy Show 2009, working class, Exc.4, judge: M.Giacchino (Italy)
  • BH, AD, VPG I, VPG II (92-86-93), VPG III
  • ZTP-V 1 A (judge: Mr. H. Wiblishauser)
  • HD-free
  • PHTVL/PHPV-free
  • Katarakt-free PRA-free
  • eyes free
  • Thyroid clear
  • Liver okay
  • Kidneys okay
  • Pancreas okay
  • 24-h-EKG-holter in December 2009: 0 VPC -Findus is DCM-free!


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