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Nero of Kraft Hill

Nero of Kraft Hill
Nero of Kraft Hill
, whelped 2005-04-28
(Apollo v.Cobra x Kahlua of Kraft Hill)
  • Champion of Greece
  • DVGRVizeSieger'09 - Best Attack - (T.Becht)
  • 3rdPlace DVGRSieger'08 - 4th Best Attack - (H.Wiblishauser)
  • HD-A
  • ZTP V1A - (H.Wiblishauser)
  • EBY, BH, EEIP (National Working Trial required for "Greek Champion" title)
  • TOC & EDA (National Working Trial required for the participation in the DVGRSieger Show)
  • 3xCACIB (Cl.Giuliani, P.Delerue, Th.Zoras)
  • 4xCAC (Cl.Giuliani, N.Fokht, P.Delerue,Th.Zoras)
  • 3xRCAC (M.Dalgaard, A.Titz, T.Becht)
  • 2xBOB, 2xR.BOG, Best Male
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