Thanastasios de Furioso
Thanastasios de Furioso

Whelped: March, 12th 2002
  • Titles:
    International Champion
    Luxembourg Champion
    Switzerland Champion
    Candidate for French champion
    Candidate for Monaco Champion
    Young hope of Dobermann Club France 2003
    Dog recommended by the Dobermann club of France
    3 x BOB
    1 x Best Young

  • Health tests:
    Eyes control-PHTVL/PHPV: FREE
    ADN identification

  • Work results:
    CSAU-TAN-TC (Test of French Character)
    ZTP 1B
    SchH 1 282/300
    IPO 1 287/300 (A:92, B:97, C:98)

  • Show Results:
    V 4 (out of 16 other dogs), Youth Class at National of breeding of the DCF 2003
    V1,Youth Winner at CAC Tours 2003
    V1 CAC, R-CACIB at CACIB Poitiers 2004
    V1 CAC,CACIB,BOB at CACIB Montluçons 2004
    V3 at National of breeding of the DCF 2004
    V 1 CAC at French Championship 2004
    V1 CAC, BOB at CAC Chateau-Gonthier
    V1 CAC-RCACIB at CACIB Lausanne 2004
    V1 CAC-CACIB-BOB at CACIB Monaco 2005
    V1 CAC-CACIB at CACIB Fréjus 2005
    V1 CAC-R-CACIB at CACIB San Rémo 2005
    V1 CAC-R-CACIB at CACIB Lausanne 2005
    V1 R-CAC-R-CACIB at CACIB Nantes 2005
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