Uniquestar's Dark Dutchman
Uniquestar's Dark Dutchman
, whelped 2004-05-31
(Russkaja Mechta Andor Absolut x Rosearde Black Star)

Uniquestar`s Dark Dutchman is a quadratic elegant male, with real male expression. Ho got strong bones, and strong head with correct underjaw.
Sonny got high working and prey drives, he always got full and hard grip. He has friendly character and lives in the family with both other dogs and children. He passed all the mental health test we got in Scandinavia, included the first ZTP trial we got in Scandinavia.
He is in preperation for IPO I.

  • Norwegian Winner 2006
  • Norwegian Champion
  • HD A
  • PHTVL/PHPV free
  • Correct teeth and complete bite
  • Rabies antibody vaccinated
  • BH
  • ZTP SDK Stockholm 27.October 2007 Passed ZTP-V1A
  • Scandinavian KORAD Swedish DobermanClub Oct. -06 Passed
  • Norwegian Character-test 9/10-2005 Passed
  • MH-test Swedish DobermanClub 1/4-2006 Passed
  • BH NSCHK Kongsvinger 12/5-2007 Passed
Show results
  • V, IDC 2007 Judge H. Wiblishauser
  • BOS Certification Norwegian KennelClub International Dog Show June 2005 (13months)
  • YOUTH WINNER Norwegian DobermanWinner Show 2005 Judge Barbara Corsini
  • V-3 Swedish DobermanWinner Show 2006 Judge Nadija Timmermans-Kadenko
  • BOS Certifikation Norwegian DobermanClub Show 2006
  • BOB, Cacib, Norwegian Winner and Norwegian Champion, Norwegian KennelClub Winner Show 2006
  • BOS Cert Norwegian KennelClub 2005
  • BOS Norwegian DobermannClub 2006
  • V-2 Cert Norsk Rottweilerklubb 2005
  • V-3 Cert Bergens Selskaps- Og Brukshundklubb 2005
  • BOB Cert Førde Brukshundklubb 2005


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