Vero z PadokuAs far as I remember I always wanted a dobermann. When my cousin bought his dog, Tores, I was sure I wanted such a beautiful animal too sometime in the future. Becuase I realized that having a dog is a big respo- nsibility, I had to wait next few years to make this dream come true.
After a long search for a good kennel and excellent parents I decided to buy black male from kennel "z Padoku". When I asked the owner, Wanda, for a puppy she had only one free to sell and my answer, and my husband's of course, was "yes, we want him". We just asked Wanda to choose puppy with best charachter. This was the first litter after TYLAN and ZUELA. After few weeks of waiting we came to pick our baby. From that moment on we loved him very much. VERO's unofficial name is Tores like my cousin's dog. He is a really smart dog, very energetic, funny and friendly. His charachter is, without any doubt, just charming. Vero is tipical "country boy" not only becuase we live in suburbs but becuase this is his true charachter. Long walks, playing, following deers, rabits, foxes is his hobby. He loves to be dirty and tired.... and then to go to sleep in our bed ;-)) The only thing he doesn't like are shows. At the show Vero is interested to have fun with girls arround, but to stay nicely on the ring is another thing. "What for?" you can see in his eyes. It happened many times that during descriptions he yawned waiting for his turn to pass so he can sleep! For us, Vero is first of all best friends and beloved dog and I am very happy to be his owner.

Daria Mocek

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