Maxim di Altobello x A'Sara Nigre from Fourteenth Meridian

Maxim di Altobello
Maxim di Altobello
A'Sara Nigre from Fourteenth Meridian
A'Sara Nigre from Fourteenth Meridian
  • IDC 2011 Champion class winner
    IDC 2010 Open class winner
    Vice World Winner (cac-rcacib) FCI World Dog Show 2009
    AIAD Champion 2010
    Trofeo Calliandro winner 2011
    V2 champion class FCI World Dog Show 2011
    Euro-Asia Champion 2011
    Euro-dog show Champion class winner 2010
    Junior World Winner - best Junior of breed FCI World Dog Show 2008
    IDC 2008 - 3rd place with only 9 months in Youth class of 9-18 months and in competition with 42 young adult dogs
    Vienna Dobermann Winner Show 2008, Austria - 1st place, Vienna Puppy Club Winner 2008, Best Puppy Male
    Hungarian Dobermann Festival - 1st place, HDK Puppy Club Winner
    Romania Club show Youth Romania Club Winner Black Male 2008
    HDK Europa Clubshow 2008 - V1, YOUTH CLUB WINNER
    III BALKAN SIEGER - KRAGUJEVAC - V1, Junior Club Winner, Junior BOB
    Novisad dobermann club special show V1 cac club winner
    DVGR Sieger Show 2009 V1 open class-CAC-Best male of Breed
    International Champion
    Champion of Serbia
    Champion of Luxembourg
    Champion of Russia
    Champion of Montenegro
    Champion of Bulgaria
    Champion of Slovenia
    Champion of Moldavia
    Champion of Macedonia
    RKF Champion
    Balkan Champion
    Adriatic Champion
    Serbian Club Winner 2009 , 2010 , 2011
    Greek Club Winner 2009 , 2011
    Hungarian Club Winner 2010
    Croatian Club Winner 2010
    Russian Club Winner 2011
    Luxembourg Club Winner 2010
    Bulgarian Club Winner 2010
    Montenegro Club Winner 2011
    Car Konstantin Club Winner 2010
    19 x Best in show
    13 x Junior Best in show
    9 x Puppy Best in show
    14 x Baby Best in show
    ed 0/0
    vwd clear
    cardio free
    ZTP v1A
    IPO 1
    IPO 2
  • International champion
    Czech champion
    Czech grand champion
    Austria champion
    Slovakia champion
    V2 Open class IDC 2007
    V5 Working class IDC 2008
    vv4 puppy class IDC 2006
    V3 working class Eurodog show Hungary 2008
    V2 ch.class HDK Europa Clubshow 2008
    V4 working class European Dobermann Trophy Winner 2008
    1st place VIENNA WINNER 2008
    V1 Budapest Derby 2007 BOB
    V1 Vienna winner 2007 best female BOS
    ZTP V1-A
    BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3
    16th place in IDC WM 2009
    18th place IDC WM 2010
    2nd place at the Czech IPO3 championship of dobermans 2009
    Czech CHampion IPO3 2011
    Czech dobermann Club Champion
    Czech dobermann Club work Champion
    Czech dobermann Club combi Champion
    Cardio - echo, sono, blood tests, holter 24 FREE (11/2011)
    Thyroid – free
Maxim di Altobello
Maxim di Altobello
A'Sara Nigre from Fourteenth Meridian
A'Sara Nigre from Fourteenth Meridian
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