Graaf Quirinus with 9 years - IDC 1996he names of the three pups were Graaf Quinto, Graaf Quirinus and Gravin Quenda van Neerlands Stam. All three pups were very strong and tall. The bitch, Gravin Quenda, which I kept, was after three years mated to Graaf Igon van Neerlands Stam. The litter was reasonable but not what I had expected. After this she was sold to Finland. The two brothers gave me a problem, I really didn't know which I should choose. One of them would go to Mr. G.Moller the vice president of the German Dobermann Verein and owner of the kennel "v.d. Rauberhohle". But which one? I told Mr. Moller that as a breeder I had the first choice and he agreed. Mr. Moller was very attracted by Dea Dolores and the combination was also in his opinion very full of promise. He came to my place when the pups were 7 weeks old with the expectation that he could take one of the males with him. Unfortunately that was not possible while the pups were not tattooed yet. But I said to him that he could tell me his choice. He chose not the taller one but the smaller one with the stronger head and robust build. Also in temperament he thought that this one had more fighting spirit. I promised him that I would think it over and as soon as the ears were tattooed I would make up my mind and bring the puppy to him. After some thinking and looking I decided to give Mr. G.Moller the one he chose. But I never will forget the face of Mr. Moller and his wife when I brought the puppy to them at the "Korung" in the Autumn of 1987. The ears were not cropped properly (they were too short) the tail was too long and not healthy yet. After a travel of 4 hours the puppy did not look very promising. But he walked around as a hero and had not any fear. The family Moller was soon conquered by the behavior of the puppy and took him home giving him the name Graaf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam. By that time nobody realized that it was the beginning of a success story.

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