Graaf Quirinus v.Neerlads Stam

fter his first progeny debuted at the DV-Sieger Show in 1991 it was clear that his stud activities would increase. Untill 1994 he had more than 1280 descendants in about 183 litters, which means plus minus 7 puppies in each litter. Because of his genetic background Graaf Quirinus can only produce black and blue puppies. As far as I know he has produced till now about 50 blue puppies, the other descendants were all black. The blue color in his progeny appears mostly in combination with bitches which are carrying blood of Ali v. Langenhorst. His progeny proves that Graaf Quirinus certainly has given a contribution to raise the level of the Dobermann breed in the 90's. Especially when it concerns the improve-ment of the croupe, the substance, the dark eyes and the strong underjaw. Under his pro-geny we may find Group, Breed and Class winners, IDC, DV and Bundessiegers, National and International Champions, European and World Champions.

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