Graaf Quirinus v.Neerlads Stam

t is clear that the influence of Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam is the continuation of the significance male line of Lump v. Hagenstolz - Bordo v. Forstenfeld - Vello v. Forstenfeld - Bryan v. Forell - Don Dayan v. Franckenhorst - Hertog Alpha Le Dobry. He can stand proudly amongst those truly great Dobermanns recorded in the history of the Dobermann breed. His brother Graaf Quinto van Neerlands Stam, which I kept with me for one and a half years was in his youth extremely successful. He won all the important youth titles at the European shows. In 1988 he became the youth Bundessieger by defeating his litter brother Graaf Quirinus. That year he was sold to Japan but not before he was used as stud in the "van Neerlands Stam" kennel. That litter brought me the World Champion Gravin Wanda v. Neerlands Stam. After a dispute between the Dutch and the German authorities concerning his HD-score I brought Graaf Quinto after two years back to Europe. In record time he became a Dutch and a German VDH Champion. After one year he returned to Japan to continue his stud activities but the dispute about his HD-score affected his use as a stud in Europe as well in Japan. Unfortunately he died too soon in 1994 due to cancer.Meanwhile, Graaf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam had also his success in the show. In 1988 he became the vice-youth Bundessieger. But his judge report was better than the Winner's in his class - his litter brother. Maybe that was already a sign of the great things which would come.

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