Graaf Quirinus with 9 years - IDC 1996raaf Quirinus is not a very showy dog in the ring. Let alone the fact that his expression is damaged by the badly cropped ears, which make the head look coarser, he has so many other things to offer. Nobody ever doubted that this was a real male. The wonderful strong bones, his enormous deep chest, broad lions, wide thighs and heavy muscling. A dry strong dog with a short back with that typical tail always standing up. A sign of self confidence and strong nerves. Indeed he doesn't have the well shaped blunt wedged perfect Dobermann head but he has an honest masculine head not been camouflaged by long cropped ears. His head lines are parallel and he has above all a very powerful underjaw. The neck is strong and dry. His character is open and free. The male is dominant and extremely stable, all time in balance. He has an average protection and prey instinct. It is not too difficult for such a dog to pass his ZTP and his Schutzhund III exam. Graaf Quirinus is a Dobermann with a special harmony of body and mind that never failed to enchant, impress and bedazzle the Dobermann lovers. He is a perfect breed ambassador. For everybody it was clear that such a male should soon win very important titles. His break through came at the DV-Sieger Show in 1991. There he won his first important title under the German Doberman specialist F.Kugel. But maybe more important was that the youth titles for the black male and female went to Gamon and Ginga di Campovalano, Graaf Quirinus' first winning children out of his first litter by Mali di Campovalano. It was the Italian breeder G.Prosperi, kennel "Di Campovalano", who first recognized the strong hereditary power of Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam. After winning the DV-Sieger title nobody could stop him. At the end of 1991 he won the Dutch Winner title. In 1992 he won the Bundessieger title in Vierula (Austria). In 1992 Mr. Wiblishauser made him IDC Sieger in Budapest (Ungam). In 1994 and 1995 he got the best breed group at the DV-Sieger Show and in the meanwhile he became an International, German, Austrian and VDH Champion.

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