Article by Mr. J.M v.d. Zwan

Hargos v. h. Wantij

Gravin Nora v.Neerlands Stam

I litter
Gravin Wanda had 4 small litters. In her first litter with Hargos v. h. Wantij (1992) there were only 4 pups. Two of them, Gravin Karma and Graaf Konan went to Israel and became National Champions.

II Litter
The second litter was in 1993 with llane v. Franckenhorst. It also gave us 4 pups induding the well known Gravin Nora v.Neerlands Stam. She was Gravin Wanda's most successful daughter. Gravin Nora, a strong and heavy boned black bitch became European Champion in 1994 and won the very important title. She also won the French Champion Show in 1995 as her mother had done.

III litter
Multi Champion Machico v. Les Deux Peuplies was used for the third litter which was born in 1994. This time there were only three pups which induded the best son Gravin Wanda has left us. His name is Graaf Quinton v. Neerlands Stam and he was exported to Russia. There he became a Russian Champion and has had many wins in other European countries. He has already some exellent offspring in Russia, who represent the best of what Graaf Quinton has to offer.

Machico v. Les Deux Peuplies

Graaf Quinton v. Neerlands Stam

IV litter
The last litter that Gravin Wanda produced was born in 1995 in combination with Randy v't Sabbatsveld, again only three pups were born The black male Graaf Uzo was sold to Hungary where he has already won some Champion tickets. I am looking forward to seeing if he can fulfil the high expectations which the owner and I have of him.

For me it was a big disappointment that Gravin Wanda v. Neerlands Stam was not able to give puppies after she was mated to Irinus de Ferignis short befor her death. It was this combination of which I had the hope that it could give me a female puppy which could save the bloodlines of Gravin Wanda.

Randy v't Sabbatsveld

Gravin Wanda's death was very tragic. She died just a few minutes before we came home from a short holiday. Our friend who took care of the dogs while we were away, went to cycle with her not knowing that we had not cycled with her for more than three years. This was because Gravin Wanda was always so very excited when we went cycling. She dropped dead after two kilometers running next to the bike which caused a heart attack. Sadly I feel that her death might not have occurred if I had warned my friend about taking her with the bike.

Summarising we can say that Gravin Wanda did not give the breed a lot of high quality dobermanns but she certainly was a great representative of the long row of v. Neerlands Stam champions. Hopefully her daughter Gravin Nora will make this row longer in the future so that the genetic and hereditary powers will be passed on.

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