Article by Mr. J.M v.d. Zwan

Born: 1988
Died: 1996
Sire: Graaf Quinto v.Neêrlands Stam
Dam: Gravin Hera v.Neêrlands Stam

  • ZTP 1B -V. IPO 1 , HD-.
  • International Champion
  • Dutch Champion
  • German Champion
  • Luxembourgh Champion
  • World Champion 1991
  • Vice IDC Siegerin 1991
  • Best Bitch Dutch Champion show in 1991
  • Best Bitch, dog of the year show in 1991
  • Best self bred dog all breeds 1990
  • BIS at the French Dobermann show in 1991
I was showing Gravin Wanda v. Neerlands Stam for the first time in the baby class at the show in Schoningen/ Schweinfurt. Mr. Hensel who was judging this class asked me about the age of Gravin Wanda and her pedigree because he could not believe that a bitch of six months could look so adult. Exactly two years later Mr. Hensel gave her the 1991 World Champion title in Dortmund (Germany). Gravin Wanda was born in 1988 in the Dobermann kennel v. Neerlands Stam, a kennel with a long tradition of success. She had only one litter mate, a black male puppy Graaf Waldo v. Neerlands Stam who became the Youth Winner at the Winners Show in Amsterdam in 1989.

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