In 1992 I was invited to the World Show in Valenda with my good friend, the English judge Jim Burrell. When the Youth class of Black Bitches entered the ring we were speechless. We both pointed to the same bitch and we both stammered "Have you seen her?" In the ring stood a marvel of beauty! We had never seen such a beautiful bitch with such a marvelous presence. She was without doubt the most beautiful bitch in Europe in the last decade. We had a quick look in the catalogue anxious to know the name of that amazing black bitch. Her name was Tequila Mali del Citone. We were deeply impressed by her. I was bewitched by her then and never tired of looking her and admiring her. It was very clear to us that this bitch would win the Youth World Title 1992, but we were also convinced that we saw a bitch that in the future would win all the great Sieger and Champion titles. This bitch would dominate the ring for the next three years. It was not necessary to be a prophet to predict that she would win everything she wanted in the future.
Article by Mr. J.M v.d. Zwan

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