Paola Penelopa Piligrimas
Paola Penelopa Piligrimas, Whelped 9th, February 2001
(Victor di Casa Balestrieri x Taisia iz Slavnoi Stai)
  • International Champion
  • Champion of Polland
  • Champion of Latvia
  • Champion of Lithuania
  • Champion of Estonia
  • Champion of Baltic
  • Champion of Russia
  • Champion of Byelorussia
  • Champion of Ukrainia
  • National test for breeding
  • IPO, BH
  • HD-A
  • PHTVL/PHPV free
  • Multi Young Winner
  • Youth Champion of Latvia
  • Youth Champion of Lithuania
  • V2 Champion Class - IDC 2003
  • Latvian dobermann club winner 2004
  • Slovenskej Dobermann club Winner 2002
  • Lithuania Dobermann Club Winner 2002
  • Latvia Dobermann Club Winner 2003
  • Estonia Dobermann Club Winner'03
  • Latvia Winner '2002
  • Lithuania Winner '2003
  • 3rd place in working class on IDC 2004
  • CACIB - 5, R.CACIB - 2
  • BOB - 15, BOS - 4,
  • BIG-2, BIS - 1
Appearance of Paola in our house was the real present of fortune. The small Paola became the universal minion from the first day. She has perfect, communicative character, but later she passed National Breeding Test without any problems. On the ground she shows the qualities of a real fighter. The show career she started 4 mounths old dog. Her show career was incredible, she became the champion of 7 countries at the age of 2 years. Paola participated in 53 dog shows, 28 times she was the best female, 16 times BOB. Not so long time ago she got IPO-1, and became the international champion. Paola participated on 3 IDC shows, and always was in first four of the prize-winners, I suppose that, this is affirmation of her quality. The first litter of Paola and Nitro del Rio Bianco, showed that she is not only a nice show dog, but also an exellent dog for breeding. All her pups are of the same type, and all of them got a friendly, sociable character from their mom. Their show results are one more affirmation of Paola's quality.

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