Ivanhoe Iskandar di Altobello
Ivanhoe Iskandar di Altobello at 13 months, whelped: 13-March-2003
(Ferrofarah Gomez di Campovalano x Nikita For Eternity)
  • HDA,
  • Eyes Free
  • CARDIO Free,
  • French breeding confirmation
  • IPO1 & ZTP in preparation

Iskandar is a young male from already famous "I" litter of Altobello kennel.
He is a very elegant ,but also strong and tall dog (73 cm), with short and compact body , with excellent angels in front and behind, deep chest and excellent topline.
He has excellent bone structure, beautiful big head with dark eyes and noble expression.

He also has an outstanding character.He's brave and proud! Iskandar is very temperament and clever. He knows how to charm people who quickly become his admirers.

I'm so lucky to live with one fantastic male like him.:)

see Nikita's progeny page - "I" Altobello litter
Litter mates:
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Ivanhoe Iskandar di Altobello

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