Aramis Halit Pasa
Aramis Halit Pasa, 16.2.2001
(Gino Gomez del Citone X ICH Frezie Bohemia Gotika)
  • Zentralkörung DV, Melle (D) 3.4. 2005
    Judges: Norbert Daube, Hans Wiblishauser, Rainer Fridrich.
    Aramis Halit Pasa was presented as first Czech male on Körung. From 30 dobermanns got only 4 dogs ideal code 1A and Aramis was one from them. Aramis is the only one stud male tat passed both Czech character test (basic and selective) and both DV character tests with code 1A.His trainer, Ludek Silhavý, has of course contributed a lot to this success.
  • Champion of Austria
  • Körung 1A
  • ADPr, ZMT, IPO 3, BH
  • ZTP SG 1A (Hans Wiblishauser)
  • Multichampion
  • Czech Champion
  • Slovak Champion
  • Champion of Austria
  • 2 x winner of the Club winner show
  • Winner of the Special dobermann show
  • Multi CAC, CACIB, 2x Res. CACIB
  • Best brown male of MSDK 2003
  • HD A, PHTVL/PHPV-neg,
  • Katarakt-negm, PRA-neg

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