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Chriss z Padoku

Chriss z Padoku
Chriss z Padoku
, whelped 2006-05-31
(Carlos z Padoku x Sant Kreal Riorita)
Show results
  • Interchampion(C.I.B)
  • International show champion(C.I.E)
  • Champion of Polish
  • Champion of Austria
  • Champion of Hungary
  • Champion of Slovak republic
  • Grandchampion of Slovak republic
  • Champion of champions working breeds SK 2008
  • II. Vicechampion of champions of all breeds SK 2008
  • Best in group II. FCI – BIG - in Champion of champions SK 2008
  • Club champion MSDK
  • Club champion DKCR
  • Juniorchampion of Slovak republic
  • Juniorchampion of Polish
  • Winner of Special dobermann show DKSR 2008 (Szokol)
  • Junior club winner DKSR 2007 (Dr. Pezzano)
  • BIS junior Grand Prix - Golden dobermann 2007 (Dr. Pezzano, Wiblishauser)
  • IDC 2007 - 6th place - youth class (Wiblishauser)
  • IDC 2010 - 1th place - honour class
  • Junior winner Jelenia Gora & Krakow & Ustron & Legnica
  • multi CAJC - CAC - CACIB - res.CACIB - BOB - BOS
  • D ZTP (Killmaier)
  • CZ breeding test V 1A
  • IPO3 ( 23.07.2010)
  • VPG A
  • SVV 1 (slovak national exam)
  • ADPr.
  • BH
  • HD - A (Germany)
  • RTG DKK 0/0 (Czech republic)
  • VWD: clear
  • narcolepsy: clear
  • EKG: clear

Dear Lucka and Ludek,
In this way, i would like to thank you not even for the perfect training of Chriss z Padoku and my other dog Sant Kreal Harisma, but also for taking a really good care of them during the training. I will definetly send them again to you for training with a big pleasure. Chriss passed BH, IPO 1, SVV 1, ADPr., ZTP, CZ breeding test. I wish you luck during passing the IPO 2 exam and the others. I would like to thank Ludek, who trains Chriss together with Lucie since Chriss have been 4 months old, for a professional and sensitive behaviour during his professional progress. During the 5 months, Chriss spent in the International dogschool K9, Chriss has grown up, not even physically but also in the psychical way. He became a very self-confident and even- tempered dog, with a lot joy to work. Sometimes i feel a bit upset that Chriss loves you that much- especially Lucie and with how much joy and happiness he is greeting you. This is the clear indicator that Chriss always felt good at your place and that you were taking care of him with a lot of love. I wish you a lot of succes not even with my Chriss but also with other dogs. Thank you so much again!

Mgr. Jana Houdková, kennel Goldest Diamond


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