Danger Opus Meum
Danger Opus Meum Danger Opus Meum Danger Opus Meum Danger Opus Meum Danger Opus Meum

Danger Opus Meum
Danger Opus Meum
, whelped 2006-12-13
(Nitro del Rio Bianco x Mystic Hazel Ginga House)

Danger is a kind of doberman we like, a black, muscular male with exquisite appearance, powerful movement and impressive depth of chest. He presents himself in a fantastic manner. He loves work, protection, obediance and track, he has a very good, medium-threshold of reaction and he is full of drive. Danger has a friendly and approachable nature.

  • Jugendchampion
  • Austrian Champion
  • Candidate for International Champion
  • 3x BOB, 3x CACIB, 1x CACIB-Res. 9x CACA, 3x Res. CACA
    ZTP V 1A
  • BGH 1, IPO 1, IPO 2
  • HD-free (Germany)
  • PHPVL-PHPV free, PRA free, Katarakt free
  • 24 hour Holter-EKG, Farbdoppler Cardio free (Munich, November 2009 und September 2011)
  • V1, Jugendbester, Klubjugendsieger, Klubsiegerschau Gärberbach, September 2007
  • V1, Jugendbester, Rassebester - IHA Wieselburg, April 2008
  • V1, Jugendbester - IHA Klagenfurt, Mai 2008
  • V2, CAC-Res., Graz 7.3.2009, Offene Klasse, (M. Mayerhofer)
  • V4, 8.3.2009 IHA Graz, Offene Klasse, (P. Berchtold)
  • V4, IHA Wieselburg, April 2009, Offene KLasse (J. Mühle-Krinninger)
  • V2, IHA Salzburg, 17. 5. 2009, Offene Klasse (M. Gschwindl)
  • V1, CACIB-Res.,IHA Klagenfurt 14. 6. 2009, Offene Klasse (D. Getzinger)
  • V1, Cac, IHA Oberwart, 19. 7. 2009, Offene Klasse (H. Maissen-Jarisch)
  • V2, CAC-Res., Graz 6.3.2010, Graz Winner Show (G. Ehrenreich)
  • V1, CAC,CACIB, Graz. 7. 3. 2010, IHA Graz, (L. Mach)
  • V1, CAC, IHA Wieselburg, 11. 4. 2010, (M. Gschwindl)
  • V1, CAC, CACIB und BOB Ergebnisse IHA OBERWART 18. 7. 2010, Richter (P. MAZURA)
  • V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB IHA Wieselburg, 10. 4. 2011, Championklasse (Inge Eberstaller)
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