Edmondo vom Bayerischen LoewenHis easy going nature does not inhibit his Sporting Drives excerpts from his ZTP below: Self Confidence - high, Temperament - middle, Workability - high, Time takes to get angry - middle, Grip - gull/calm/tight, Fearlessness - high, Obediance - high, How he deals with things he likes - confident, Gunshyness - indifferent (German Version is obviously available).

So Nero is not just a good looking animal he also possess excellent Sporting Potential. He made BH at 19 months ZTP at 21 months and ADpr at 23 months. He has now resumed training in UK for his IPO/Sch 1. Once this is completed and further shows undertaken Nero will hopefully be attending the Koerung. Should Nero make this he will be the first UK based dog to make Koerung. Along with his brother Excalibur and following his Dam an Angenkort dog. He is currently the only UK based Edmondo vom Bayerischen Loewendog with ZTP. Only a handful have ever made continental show qualifications. Nero will be trained to the highest level he can achieve in the UK. He is also one of a very few UK dogs ever to be used for stud work outside of the UK. We believe Nero offers UK breeders a unique opportunity to instill some manageable stable working drives into British show lines that are almost entirely devoid of this fundamental Dobermann characteristic. Along with classical European looks. Nero's pedigree is gold plated for producing high quality confirmation and proper correct manageable working ability.

Nero is available to quality females of good temperament only. All UK based dogs will be character assessed. Any Continental interest must be made aware of UK Animal health laws WRT entry to UK etc.

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