Excalibur descendsExcalibur vom Bayrischen Löwen from the famous bloodlines von Norden Stamm. His mother, Caluna von Donarius (father: Ninjo von Norden Stamm, mother: Quallas von Norden Stamm), displays excellent working drives, coupled with outstanding conformation. In 2001, in Nürnberg Caluna completed the 2nd part of Koerung with ZVA 1A (assistant trainer: Lars Bruhnke, assistant trainer DV e.V. as well as German Malinois Club).

Excalibur inherited her working drives and toughness entirely. At the age of 18 months, Excalibur passed the ZTP examination (certificate of breeding suitability) on 16.06.02 in Stuttgart with a ranking of V1A and at the age of two years, he passed his IPO1-examination successfully as well.

(A = 96 credits, B = 87 credits, C = 88 credits, Judge W. Ohl)

Currently, Excalibur is being prepared for selection. Excalibur has extraordinary characteristics as an everyday dog, as well as his outstanding conformation and looks. Excalibur is friendly, open and free in all cases.

Excalibur vom Bayrischen Löwen  Excalibur vom Bayrischen Löwen

Excalibur vom Bayrischen Löwen  Excalibur vom Bayrischen Löwen

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