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Grey John Iz Doliny Dalmenov

Grey John Iz Doliny Dalmenov

(Pluto De Grande Vinko x Aida De Grande Vinko)

Grey John is a special dog. He is very strong dog with elegance and a lot of power. He has a beautiful head and he presents himself nicely in the ring. He is very friendly with people and also with other dogs. He works very well, and he has an excellent bite.

  • Hungarian Breeding Test
  • HD-A
  • BH
  • ZTP 1A (Hans Wiblishauser)
  • Israel Champion
  • CW,BD,BOS Excellen-Mr. Excellent r. Igor Celimovic
  • CW,Excellent-Mr.Christian Jouanchicot
  • Cw,Excellent-Mr. Evgeny Rozenberg
  • CW,CAC,CACIB,BD,BOB Excellent-Mr Rajko Rotner
  • CW,CAC,BD,BOB,Excellent-Mr. Eytan Hendel
  • CAC,BD,BOB,Excellent-Mrs. Irina Azen
  • CW,BOB,BIS,Excellent-Mr. Zvi Kupferberg
  • CW,BD,BOS Excellent-Mr.Avi Marshak
  • CW,BP,Very Promising-Mr. Stefano Sinko
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