Recognizable dobermann line with strong bones and good height, typicaly strong,
parallel head, short and firm back, deep chest and excellent angles. Stable temper and
dominant psychics, in brief, a complete dobermann.

In the "Masterhof" kennel
you can alw
ays find a puppy, son or
daughter of Max, for yourself. Welcome!
Is your female in season?
No problem! We can send her
CH Master Max's fresh or frozen sperm!
Master Max has successfully covered many females:
  • Alba Avis /SCG/
  • Caya Della Baronessa - /Hungary/
  • Perro di Casta Bella - /Hungary/
  • Jolly Sawages /BIH/
  • Gina Ginga Hause /SCG/
  • Yutta van Natsonda-/Belgium/
  • Iris Campagnenesis- /Italy/
  • Ines Cobra /SCG/
  • Conchita von Masterhof /SCG/
  • Pandora Aque Passaris /SCG/
  • Viva Black Novak /BIH/ repeat
  • Baracuda Dax and Altobello /SCG/
  • Danae del Mediano - /Hungary/
  • Tahi-reme Ibiza - /Hungary/
  • Greta Garbo od Telepa /SCG/
  • Lara von Engelthal-/France/
  • Dona Masterhof /SCG/
  • Wenzdob Dob Melba - /Rumunija/
  • Andora von Cobra - /Austria/
  • Perro de Casta Bella - /Hungary/ repeat
  • Tahi - reme Lolly /Hungary/
  • Int.Ch Zorka di Perlanera /Hungary/
  • Conchita von Masterhof /SCG/ repeat
  • Ines Cobra /SCG/ repeat
  • Viva Black Novak /BIH/
  • Scala de Lea Modena /France/
  • Metaxa Kessi de Lancillotto /Hungary/
  • Conchita von Masterhof /SCG/ repeat
  • Reni Gorshe - /SCG/
  • Tahi-reme Ibiza - /Hungary/ repeat
  • Angel von Cobra / A /
  • Gama Ginga Haus/SCG/
  • Belona de Galius/SCG4/
  • Blue Laddy Sunbringer/CRO/
  • Damajanti Di Modello / H/
  • INT CH Tahi-reme Kinga
  • Ch. Hercogine Boriada NoDemetra /Est/
  • Ch.Marland Cenna Fortuna /Finland/
  • Naplamente Arany /H/
  • Bagira Wellgroomed /SCG/
  • Tahi-reme Opium /H/
  • Int.Ch Tom-Dober Elli-/Romania/
  • World Winner '02 Ch.Gravin July van Neerlands Stamm /Latvia/
  • Ch.Beauty Ginga Hause-SCG
  • Georgia von Blasenstein /A
  • Int.Ch. BMW Bavaria iz Zoosfery /Ru
  • Ch. Adel Adriana de Vinko /Ru


Looking at his progeny, it can be noted that Master Max produces, with many
different females, typical puppies. You can see some of his progeny on this page.
Mother: Tahi-reme Ibiza

Tahi-reme Diablo
Vienna Youth Winner ,Best Brown Male

  Iron del Mediano

Tahi-reme Diablo, 8 months

Tahi-reme Maxin & Mr.Rozenberg & Goran
Tahi-reme Datoya-Maxin Tahi-reme Datoya-Maxin
Tahi-reme Datoya-Maxin,14months old
  • Youth Shampion of Serbia & Montenegro
  • Club Winner RO '04.
  • Euro Show Barcelona
  • sehr gut and IDC Desio-sehr gut,Judge Herr Wiblishause
Tahi-reme DevilTahi-reme Devil
Tahi-reme Devil,15 months
Mother: Int.Ch Damajanti di Modelo
Extra di ModeloExtra di Modelo
Extra di Modelo at 6 months
Mother: Boriada Herzogina no Demetra

3 weeks old /Estonia/

3 weeks old /Estonia/
Mother: Perro De Casta Bella Mother: Greta Garbo od Telepa
Csini Baba Primo Prid
Csini Baba Primo Pride, at 13 months
VP3 - Baby Class - 2003 IDC Show,
1Best baby - Slovak Club Show,
1Place Baby Class ,Best baby - Slovak Club Show,
1Place Puppy Class - Hungaria Derby Show,
2Place Puppy Class - Trofeo Caliandro Show
Nestor Master of Telepa
Nestor Master of Telepa
Mother: Andora Cobra
Alpha Best of Milano
Best Puppy of Dobermans,Best Puppy of Second FCI Group and finaly BIS Puppy Euro Dog Show Barcelona 2004
Mother: Reni Gorshe

Pajero Gorshe,6.5 months

Pajero Gorshe,6.5 months

  Pajero Gorshe, 6.5 months

Pajero Gorshe, 4.5 months

Pajero Gorshe, 6.5 months
Pajero Gorshe, 4.5 months
Best Youth dog on Hungarian Club Winner Show
Mother: Baracuda Dax and Altobello
Tahi-reme Devil Tahi-reme Devil
Rainbow di Altobello, 8 months
Mother: Come As You Are Della Baronesa
Iron del Mediano
Irrie del Mediano,
Iron del Mediano
Iron del Mediano, 8 months

1Exc Youth Winner CACIB Mulhouse (France)
1 Exc Classe Intermediaire NNSBRUCK (Austria)
R.CAC LUXEMBOURG Trophy Show (Luxembourg)
1Exc Classe intermediaire Regional Club Show METZ
1Exc Classe Intermediaire Best Males and Best in Show (at age of onley 15 Month) Regional Club Show AUVERGNE
Sélectionner pour le Championnat DCF.

Igor del Mediano
Igor del Mediano

BOB Indonesian National Doberman Show '04
Judge Mrs.Hilary Patridge-England

Igor del Mediano
Igor del Mediano
Mother: Conchita von Masterhof
Jimmy Master of Masterhof
King of MasterhofKing of Masterhof
King of Masterhof
Mother: Ines Cobra
Carlos Dente del GiganteCarlos Dente del Gigante
Carlos Dente del Gigante
Mother: Tahi-reme Lolly
Tahi-reme Eskima
Tahi-reme Eskima,
6 months

Tahi-reme Er-Go
Tahi-reme Euro Tahi-reme Euro
Tahi-reme Euro, 6 weeks
Tahi-reme Eisha Tahi-reme Eisha
Tahi-reme Eisha, 6 weeks


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